Thursday, March 31, 2011


Life has gotten away on me again. I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It's too busy and I'm not getting enough exercise. I made the decision to skip the running clinic. It's just one more thing in an already overcrowded life. I would like to walk away and leave my life behind for a few weeks. A beach, a pile of books, nowhere to have to be, and no one to answer to. Yoga when I feel like it, swimming and running when I feel like it, but all on my own time. Sounds divine doesn't it? The blahs will pass, this I know. The real issue is figuring how to plan my life so that I don't get to this. I'm not big into feeling weepy and overwhelmed, that's not how I usually roll, but that seems to be par for the course over the past few weeks. And it's not work. Work is the one place I feel like myself. *sigh* I had my B12 shot today. Maybe that will help.

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