Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sick :(

After a crazy weekend of basketball and eating the wrong things, I'm sick. Just a cold, but feeling yucky and I know there's no point in going to the gym. It would be a crappy workout and sometimes it's better to rest and just work on getting better.

Hopefully will be back to normal and able to have a great workout over the next day or so. Planning to start my fitness homework again--15 minutes of intense circuit work 2x a day, along with my normal workouts. Burns fat like crazy!

Hope everyone reading this is having more luck than I in their fitness journey!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a new day

After gorging on candy at my PLC meeting today (what a dumb thing to do!), and not eating too much for a couple days, had a great workout. Didn't make it to kickboxing, because I had the time wrong, but I had a great workout. Wish I could get to the gym everyday! It would make it so much easier to stay on track with my eating.

I'm considering signing up for 12 weeks of personal training, but it's really expensive! I'd love to do it, but cost and time are an issue. I'm not sure I can fit it in to my crazy schedule right now. Speaking of my schedule, I'm sure that's why I'm having a tough time with food this week. Too much going on and all of organizing and running is totally up to me. To top it off I volunteered to be the manager for Seamus' lacrosse team--because I needed something else to do. What was I thinking?

Hoping for a good day tomorrow. If I can get my head on straight, of course I know what to do to lose weight. Doing it is something else altogether. Probably a good thing there's no cookies in the house right now.....

But tomorrow is a new day, right?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm back

After a few crazy days and not enough energy left to blog at the end of the day, I'm back! Diet has been ok, a little (ok, alot) off track last night at The Globe, but other than that, ok. I've been taking CLA which is supposed to help metabolize belly fat. It's too soon to really tell, but I think maybe my waist is bit smaller. All I really want to lose is the little pot that sits over my abs--which are actually pretty buff, you just can't see them.

Went to a new church today, really enjoyed it! Part of my journey has been one of struggling with faith and never feeling content. Contentment will definitely help with my fitness journey and the message this morning really hit home. I don't want to make anyone reading this feel uncomfortable, but the truth is that this is part of me and my trouble with overeating. If I can be happy and content the eating part will follow. Emotional/comfort eating are my biggest problem. It's all part of the package!

Looking forward to working out tomorrow. I'm not sure I'll be able to do my entire circuit because of timing with Jackson's basketball, but I'll be able to do most of it. I know it will feel great! Seamus has lacrosse on Tuesday, but I should be able to fit in a walk/run before we go. Gym again on Wednesday, same as Monday with the timing issue, but 1 & 1/2 hrs instead of 2 hrs is still pretty good!

Enjoying the rest of my lazy Sunday, looking forward to a great week ahead ;D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

kickboxing, kicked my butt!

I went to Rob's kickboxing class tonight. Whew, he kicked my butt! What a great workout! If you want to sweat and take out some aggression, I highly recommend it. Good day food wise today and exercise wise too! Feeling great, and hoping I can have another great day tomorrow! Going to a class helps with motivation and the more I exercise the better I feel and the less I eat.

Daily Food

breakie-3/4c Kashi, 1/2c 1% cottage cheese, 1/2c unsweetened applesauce--it sounds gross, but it's yummy!
lunch--6 california rolls, tomato & cucumbers, Kashi granola bar, 1/2c ff yogurt
snack--apple, 1/2c ff yogurt
snack 2--protein shake (protein powder & water), 4 crackers
dinner--chicken breast, cucumber and tomato with balsamic, quinoa salad

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Friends--feel free to comment on my blog! I welcome feedback, it's all part of keeping me on track.


Ok, so we know body composition is reliant on 80%, 10% exercise and 10% genetics. So when I'm willing to work my ass off working out, why do I have such a difficult time controlling my eating? Major sugar cravings today, I know it'll even out, but damn! Seriously! My genetics are terrific, just look at me (I'm laughing right now!).

On the upside for today, I played basketball with other parents against Seamus's team. Other than needing a haul on my puffer, I had a great time and was the only parent who wasn't dying. I guess all of that working out pays off! I hope I made my boy was proud of his mama :)

Food Diary for today-

breakie-2 slices whole grain toast (I should have had only one, but you know)
2 eggs, 1Tbsp ketchup and lots of coffee with skim milk

lunch-spinach salad with cucumber, chicken, strawberries and a tablespoon of light poppyseed dressing

snack-apple, 1c ff yogurt, one oatmeal date cookie

slight meltdown-a couple oz of Lindt chocolate bunny

dinner-5 california rolls, lots of water

Tomorrow will be a better day foodwise! And I'm planning to go to Rob's kickboxing class, he'll kick my butt and probably make up for today's little slipup.

And I have to be really good for the rest of the week since I'm going to The Globe with our friends John and Julie and much wine will be drunk.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Since my blog is really about my fitness goals, I guess I should post something about my goals. So here we go..

1. Lose the last 15 lbs (again).
2. Reduce the body fat--muscle is so much better than fat!
3. Learn to run, maybe even enter a 5k race??
4. Have the kind of arms that other women envy in a tank top!
5. Reduce my waist size, which of course will happen naturally with the 15 lbs.

Nothing too special or incredible, I just want to be the fittest, healthiest 40 year mom I can be. I need to be able to keep up with my athletic boys and take them on in basketball out in front of the house.

1st day blogging about my goals...

Day One--after a really crappy night's sleep and an upset tummy all afternoon at school, I headed to the gym. I wasn't really sure if it would be a good workout, but it was and I feel great! I did my circuit that my personal trainer, Rob, set up for me a few weeks ago. It's getting easier every time, but I will be a little stiff tomorrow!

Food Diary

breakie-1 c strawberries, 3/4 c Kashi, 1/2 c fatfree yogurt and lots of coffee of course! No cream or sugar, just skim milk, the way I like it!

lunch-spinach & cucumber salad with a chicken breast and some balsamic vinagrette, and a big scoop of yummy quinoa salad

snack-1/2 c ff yogurt, apple, homemade banana choc chip muffin

dinner-same as lunch YUM!

All in all a good, fit, clean eating day....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

blogging--is it for me?

I'm not convinced blogging is for me, but since I need some help staying on track with my fitness goals, I thought I'd give it a try!

My blog is where I'll track my diet and fitness goals, along with the other random, crazy things that happen in life and affect my goals. I hope that having the possibility of someone else reading about my fitness journey (if anyone actually finds me interesting enough) will keep me on track and give me the impetus to keep going. And maybe, just maybe, I'll help some other women who are trying to reach their goals.

So....stay tuned...