Sunday, August 27, 2017

poor neglected blog....

My poor neglected blog.  Life has a way of getting away on a person, and sadly things like personal blogs realize the effects.

Life is good.  RYT-200 has been completed and I am now a full member of the Canadian Yoga Alliance and looking forward to teaching some more classes.

I have accepted my offer of admission to complete my master's degree, starting in November.  Exciting and daunting at the same time.

My move to my new digs is complete, and I love my new home!  Durham is a lovely little town, and Finn, Allistair and I are very happy with the new house.  Missing my kiddos, but the boys are off to post-secondary school life, and the girl is starting her adult life anew.  We all are happy and well.

Interpersonal relationships flourish, and I'm in a good place.  Life is good.  I get frustrated with others, but I'm (still) learning to manage my reactions.  I'm also working on not trying to be everything to everybody, or protecting the feelings of others at the detriment of my own.  It's a process.  And people are a little shocked when they find out Pollyanna has sharp claws from time to time :)

Not taking the complete asshat-ishness (I claim creative license...writers get to make up words on an as needed basis!) of others personally continues to be a struggle, but everyone has their own stuff.  I don't need to take ownership of the issues of others.  I have enough of my own to work through.  Sorry, you're on your own!

And ultimately, the past year has taught me that I have great friends, great family and a wonderful support network to lean on when I need them.  For that I am eternally grateful.  It also makes the odd asshat easier with which to cope.

I hope if you're in my local area, you get in touch and drop by for a visit and to see the new digs.  There's always wine and beer cold in the fridge!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Another year passes

Unbelievable.  A whole year since my last post.  Life has seen some big changes in the past year.  I won't bore with the details, but let's just say I'm looking forward to fresh starts and new perspectives as I move into 2017.

The struggle is (still) real.  Still struggling with maintaining healthy eating patterns, fitting in enough exercise (although bike trainer is an awesome new addition), letting go of the "shoulds" and staying happy.

Yoga Teacher Training is almost done--June!  So I'm teaching 2-3 times a week.  If you're local and interested, drop me a line.  Free yoga is just good karma.

After my epic trip to New Zealand this past summer, I'm looking forward to visiting Sweden on March Break.  Both to visit schools and learn about how other countries do education.  Cuba and Mexico have been thrown in as vacations.  I can't wait for the next adventure!  In other news, I will be looking for a paid yoga teaching gig in July to help to pay for these adventures.

New addition to my life, my golden puppy Finnegan.  He makes me smile.  And boy, have I needed some help smiling from time to time this past year!

Working on my Masters degree.  Almost half way there.  Just another little project in case I find myself with free time.

Irongirl Triathlon was amazing this past August (although with SEVERE jetlag not exactly an amazing race time).  So I've decided to do it again this year.  I figure with my personal history, I am Irongirl and it's time to kick some ass again.

Flying solo is new to me.  And although it causes anxiety from time to time, flying solo is the new normal.  Although taking applications for a flying partner.  :)