Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gym Rat

I forgot how much I LOVE going to the gym.  Cardio machines, weight machines, mats, medicine balls....*sigh*.  I joined a new gym today.  In the little teeny town down the road.  It's lovely, brand new, clean, shiny, no broken machines, no stinky gym sock smell (you know the one I the way boys smell!).  The owners are very nice, and it costs about the same as the gym I used to go to, without the 35 minute drive.  I can handle about 12 minutes to get there.

I went for my first workout today, a warm-up on the elliptical trainer (oh, elliptical, how I've missed you!), easy workout on the machines (not too much starting out again) and then Hannah the owner showed me some TRX stuff.  I loved it!  The TRX was fun, and I know it kicked my butt--I will feel it tomorrow.  And I can't wait to do it again.  That is the success of a good workout--looking forward to doing it again!

I still love yoga, and NEED to do yoga to stretch out the kinks, but I need this too.  This is a part of the balance equation that I need so desperately.  The bonus?  Working out with weights reaps very quick benefits and provides much motivation to keep my diet tight and allergen-free (including sugar!).  Additionally, it's only 8:20 the night before back to school and I'm tired and feel ready for bed.  A great thing after 2 weeks of late to bed and sleeping late.  I should be ready to rise at my usual time of 5:30!

Epsom salt and lavender essential bath, Magnesium Calm drink....time for bed.  For everyone who is heading back to work after the holidays, have a wonderful day.  Fingers crossed for a drama-free, quiet day :)