Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today is a struggle

I don't know why, but today is a bit of a struggle. I didn't buckle Friday when the kids had treats galore at school, but today I'm craving candy. First time really, since starting to follow my allergen-free diet.

I'm a little sad today, I guess that's probably why. I miss having little kids on days like Halloween. Makes me sad. Always having been an emotional eater, the emotions are making me want to eat. I'll be ok, no one ever said that life would be easy.

Exercise has been good the past week, swimming lengths a couple of times, yoga. Maybe kickboxing tomorrow. I would love to go to kickboxing, I really miss it! Since Rick is on afternoons this week, we'll see. The kids' schedule usually dictates how much gym time I get.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's working!!

My family got together to celebrate my Mom's birthday yesterday. Although I asked if the mussels were dairy-free, I discovered that there was some butter in the sauce. It wasn't long before the throat clearing and coughing started. It's not like I was dying or anything, and anyone who knows me, knows that coughing and throat have been fairly normal in the past. And I realized--I haven't been throat clearing or coughing since cutting dairy out of my diet! It's working! It's really affirming to know that yes, I am making the best choice for myself, even in the face of those who aren't terribly supportive and think I'm just crazy. I did mention I was with my parents, right?!

I didn't eat hugely at lunch, but I was satisfied and did fairly well with choices. We went back to my sister's for Mom's ice cream cake, and my sister was nice enough to give me a bowl of grapes so I could be munching on something instead of cake. I love ice cream cake, but surprisingly, it wasn't that difficult to pass.

When we got home I made yummy curried apple-butternut squash soup. I sweetened it with agave syrup, and thought it was sooooo sweet. Rick tells me it's not sweet at all. Same with the pumpkin muffins I made (also allergen free), so sweet. It's amazing how fast your taste buds can change!

I'm discovering new ways to cook stuff I can have, and I'm feeling great. Life is good :)

I even went swimming after school today. My friend Cathy and I hit the pool and got in a few lengths before the swim team took over the pool. I'm so looking forward to going and length swimming again. And I'm working on getting my butt out of bed early enough to run/walk on the treadmill before school.

It's all a journey...looking forward to yoga tomorrow,
Hope everyone is inspired and getting healthier too.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my apologies

I apologize for the rant in the previous post. After considerable reflection, I have come to realize that the individual I wrote of is an extremely needy person. My incredible irritation comes out of the daily undermining and insults that are directed toward me. The regular critism of my teaching practice (ok, now everyone likely knows of whom I write...) and personal choices in order to make h**self feel better are a part of the same desire *** has to share h** newfound desire to be fit. My derision of someone who is obese and has just begun to lose weight is not something of which I am proud. But having said that, it is my blog and if I don't vent somewhere, it could get really ugly at school when I say exactly what I really think, instead of walking away.

So on a more pleasant topic, yoga was awesome last night! We were working on an Ashtanga style of sun salutation, and let me tell you, my shoulders are feeling it today! Planks are really such an amazing whole body exercise! I'm still really working on softening my shoulders so that they're not hunched up around my ears, there's really alot of thinking about the body that needs to go on. And anyone who thinks yoga is for wimps is mistaken. Even after all the gym time I've spent lifting weights and going to Rob's crazy boxing classes, I feel it the day after. Nice!!

I had a very difficult time with the balance poses last night, could not stay balanced in a pose for the life of me! Makes me wonder if I have some inner ear fluid, since I'm usually much more able to stay in the poses. Hmmm, maybe time to start taking Cold-fx and that yummy astralagus tincture (gag).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning that continues into a wonderful, glorious day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is (insert pronoun here) thinking??

This post is not's a rant. Ok, now that you have been warned, feel free to read on and to comment.

Today a well intended, yet clearly (in my mind) delusional individual invited me to join a fitness "group" wherein people who join do an aerobics routine together, to a dvd. Nice enough right? Ok, now here's where I wanted to unleash my inner kickboxer on said individual's absurdly plump arse, "I don't think it'll be too hard for you." And went on to tell me how to target my core, because you know, it's really important. And explained how squats are the best thing for your core.

I am proud of myself for politely declining and walking away. I did not point out that I have been working out for many years, and knew about cores than said individual would know in a million freakin' years. I also did not point out that h** core has the consistency of pudding, and is still well hidden by a generous layer of cushioning.

I would love to invite Rob the psycho to come do a kickboxing class with her. It would be so funny. It would be cruel, but oh, so funny.

Ok rant over. Heading out to yoga.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

allergen elimination update

While it certainly isn't what I would call fun, the past week or so without all of the allergens has gone really well. My clothes are looser already (a very nice side effect), but then again, anyone who is eating salad with protein 2x per day should lose weight! Especially when there aren't any treats in between. I guess what I've been eating is alot like Atkins--lots of veggies and lean protein, very low in carbs.

I did go to Harmony Whole Foods yesterday and picked up some almond milk, yeast/wheat/dairy free rye bread and agave syrup. I also found some "cookies" that meet my dietary needs, but let's just say I won't be buying them again (yuck! I'm not that desperate!). I didn't realize that it would be difficult to find soy milk or another alternative that wouldn't be sweetened with sugar cane! I did find one unsweetened soy milk, but decided it would likely be fairly unpalatable, so I picked up an unsweetened vanilla and a chocolate almond milk.

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk in coffee is good. It tastes sort of like a pared down version of my favourite skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks. Where by the way, the soy milk is sweetened with cane sugar and thus eliminates said latte from list of possibilities! Good thing I asked to read the label first.

While at Harmony I picked up Yoga Journal to get some further yogic inspiration and to my delight discovered that many of the asanas (poses) that are in the mag I can already do!! It confirmed my belief that Sarah is a terrific yoga teacher! And I also discovered that in a few short weeks that I have also managed to pick up many of the Sanskrit names for the asanas we have been practising. Languages have always been my thing!

I am struggling a bit to align my spiritual beliefs with yoga practice. Not into gurus and spiritual enlightment through chanting the names of dead Indian guys. Not that Sarah has us doing that. But yoga is a spiritual practice as well as a physical practice and although I love it, I still need to find my happy medium so that I'm not turning my back on either my beliefs or the inner peace I get from yoga. I guess it will come in time.

Hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful weekend, and find some humour and maybe even inspiration in my quest for better health :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 2 of allergen elimnation

I survived Day 1 and Day 2 is coming to a close soon. Until this very moment it hasn't been too difficult, but at the moment I could seriously steal candy from a small child. Maybe even knock them down for it! But...this too shall pass.

Tried to find a soy milk that I can use, but they all contain cane sugar. Maybe more luck at the health food store. For now, I guess I'll just enjoy my coffee without anything in it, and just be damn glad I can still have coffee.

Yoga last night, felt great, but boy I had a hard time concentrating. Detox effects? Or maybe just my job.

Stay tuned for more sordid details of my life without. As my friend Mary Lynn said "these dark days". Not yet, but I'm sure it'll come.

Peace, love and all of that other hippy crap.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally blogging again!

One of my colleagues asked me a couple of weeks ago when I would be blogging again. It's been a rather long hiatus, but I'm back!

After a summer of being plagued with some back and shoulder injuries---caused by KNITTING of all things, and then worsened by too vigorous of workouts, I've re-examined my quest for fitness. I've started seeing wonderful naturopath and massage therapist, both of whom have recommended yoga and some gentler fitness practices. So I've started going to Soaring Heart Wellness for yoga once a week with an amazing practioner, Sarah. In a few short weeks, I've discovered some inbalances in my body, and have realized that my left side is consistently tighter than the right. Probably one of the reasons that my injuries are always on my left side of my body! So I'm working to correct that imbalance, and I am so excited to be improving in flexibility and balance every time I go to class.

I've also been going to a running clinic. I've discovered that trail running is really fun, and since I'm not pushing myself too much, and mixing walking with running, I'm really enjoying it. I think I'll probably always love the elliptical machine for cardio fitness, but with such a beautiful fall, trail running has been amazing.

One of the reasons I started going to the naturopath was to get some answers about my allergies and what I suspected were related food cravings and my issues with my weight. I got the results of my allergy tests this week and experienced some "aha" moments. Yes, food allergies are most likely one of the reasons I struggle with my weight and experience such incredible food cravings. So I'm now armed with some supplements and a plan to eliminate allergens. Just based on all of the things I need to eliminate, it will be impossible to not lose weight if I follow the plan Lia has given me. In fact, for the next little while my food choices are fairly limited and I think I will reach my goal weight very quickly. Which will be a bit of a relief, since I can't afford to buy new clothes to fit my somewhat more plump body! As an added bonus, my environmental allergies should also improve, along with increased immune function. Yeehaw!

So, after Thanksgiving with my family, I will be following a strict diet. I decided to wait until after Thanksgiving dinner, because honestly, I really can't see eating a salad while everyone around me is enjoying sumptuous feast. And I really don't want to have the argument with my parents that skipping the meal would entail.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'll be updating my blog with my journey. And namaste to all of my fellow yogis and yoginis.