Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my apologies

I apologize for the rant in the previous post. After considerable reflection, I have come to realize that the individual I wrote of is an extremely needy person. My incredible irritation comes out of the daily undermining and insults that are directed toward me. The regular critism of my teaching practice (ok, now everyone likely knows of whom I write...) and personal choices in order to make h**self feel better are a part of the same desire *** has to share h** newfound desire to be fit. My derision of someone who is obese and has just begun to lose weight is not something of which I am proud. But having said that, it is my blog and if I don't vent somewhere, it could get really ugly at school when I say exactly what I really think, instead of walking away.

So on a more pleasant topic, yoga was awesome last night! We were working on an Ashtanga style of sun salutation, and let me tell you, my shoulders are feeling it today! Planks are really such an amazing whole body exercise! I'm still really working on softening my shoulders so that they're not hunched up around my ears, there's really alot of thinking about the body that needs to go on. And anyone who thinks yoga is for wimps is mistaken. Even after all the gym time I've spent lifting weights and going to Rob's crazy boxing classes, I feel it the day after. Nice!!

I had a very difficult time with the balance poses last night, could not stay balanced in a pose for the life of me! Makes me wonder if I have some inner ear fluid, since I'm usually much more able to stay in the poses. Hmmm, maybe time to start taking Cold-fx and that yummy astralagus tincture (gag).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning that continues into a wonderful, glorious day!

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