Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today is a struggle

I don't know why, but today is a bit of a struggle. I didn't buckle Friday when the kids had treats galore at school, but today I'm craving candy. First time really, since starting to follow my allergen-free diet.

I'm a little sad today, I guess that's probably why. I miss having little kids on days like Halloween. Makes me sad. Always having been an emotional eater, the emotions are making me want to eat. I'll be ok, no one ever said that life would be easy.

Exercise has been good the past week, swimming lengths a couple of times, yoga. Maybe kickboxing tomorrow. I would love to go to kickboxing, I really miss it! Since Rick is on afternoons this week, we'll see. The kids' schedule usually dictates how much gym time I get.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween :)

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