Monday, October 25, 2010

It's working!!

My family got together to celebrate my Mom's birthday yesterday. Although I asked if the mussels were dairy-free, I discovered that there was some butter in the sauce. It wasn't long before the throat clearing and coughing started. It's not like I was dying or anything, and anyone who knows me, knows that coughing and throat have been fairly normal in the past. And I realized--I haven't been throat clearing or coughing since cutting dairy out of my diet! It's working! It's really affirming to know that yes, I am making the best choice for myself, even in the face of those who aren't terribly supportive and think I'm just crazy. I did mention I was with my parents, right?!

I didn't eat hugely at lunch, but I was satisfied and did fairly well with choices. We went back to my sister's for Mom's ice cream cake, and my sister was nice enough to give me a bowl of grapes so I could be munching on something instead of cake. I love ice cream cake, but surprisingly, it wasn't that difficult to pass.

When we got home I made yummy curried apple-butternut squash soup. I sweetened it with agave syrup, and thought it was sooooo sweet. Rick tells me it's not sweet at all. Same with the pumpkin muffins I made (also allergen free), so sweet. It's amazing how fast your taste buds can change!

I'm discovering new ways to cook stuff I can have, and I'm feeling great. Life is good :)

I even went swimming after school today. My friend Cathy and I hit the pool and got in a few lengths before the swim team took over the pool. I'm so looking forward to going and length swimming again. And I'm working on getting my butt out of bed early enough to run/walk on the treadmill before school.

It's all a journey...looking forward to yoga tomorrow,
Hope everyone is inspired and getting healthier too.

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