Sunday, October 17, 2010

allergen elimination update

While it certainly isn't what I would call fun, the past week or so without all of the allergens has gone really well. My clothes are looser already (a very nice side effect), but then again, anyone who is eating salad with protein 2x per day should lose weight! Especially when there aren't any treats in between. I guess what I've been eating is alot like Atkins--lots of veggies and lean protein, very low in carbs.

I did go to Harmony Whole Foods yesterday and picked up some almond milk, yeast/wheat/dairy free rye bread and agave syrup. I also found some "cookies" that meet my dietary needs, but let's just say I won't be buying them again (yuck! I'm not that desperate!). I didn't realize that it would be difficult to find soy milk or another alternative that wouldn't be sweetened with sugar cane! I did find one unsweetened soy milk, but decided it would likely be fairly unpalatable, so I picked up an unsweetened vanilla and a chocolate almond milk.

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk in coffee is good. It tastes sort of like a pared down version of my favourite skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks. Where by the way, the soy milk is sweetened with cane sugar and thus eliminates said latte from list of possibilities! Good thing I asked to read the label first.

While at Harmony I picked up Yoga Journal to get some further yogic inspiration and to my delight discovered that many of the asanas (poses) that are in the mag I can already do!! It confirmed my belief that Sarah is a terrific yoga teacher! And I also discovered that in a few short weeks that I have also managed to pick up many of the Sanskrit names for the asanas we have been practising. Languages have always been my thing!

I am struggling a bit to align my spiritual beliefs with yoga practice. Not into gurus and spiritual enlightment through chanting the names of dead Indian guys. Not that Sarah has us doing that. But yoga is a spiritual practice as well as a physical practice and although I love it, I still need to find my happy medium so that I'm not turning my back on either my beliefs or the inner peace I get from yoga. I guess it will come in time.

Hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful weekend, and find some humour and maybe even inspiration in my quest for better health :)

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