Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally blogging again!

One of my colleagues asked me a couple of weeks ago when I would be blogging again. It's been a rather long hiatus, but I'm back!

After a summer of being plagued with some back and shoulder injuries---caused by KNITTING of all things, and then worsened by too vigorous of workouts, I've re-examined my quest for fitness. I've started seeing wonderful naturopath and massage therapist, both of whom have recommended yoga and some gentler fitness practices. So I've started going to Soaring Heart Wellness for yoga once a week with an amazing practioner, Sarah. In a few short weeks, I've discovered some inbalances in my body, and have realized that my left side is consistently tighter than the right. Probably one of the reasons that my injuries are always on my left side of my body! So I'm working to correct that imbalance, and I am so excited to be improving in flexibility and balance every time I go to class.

I've also been going to a running clinic. I've discovered that trail running is really fun, and since I'm not pushing myself too much, and mixing walking with running, I'm really enjoying it. I think I'll probably always love the elliptical machine for cardio fitness, but with such a beautiful fall, trail running has been amazing.

One of the reasons I started going to the naturopath was to get some answers about my allergies and what I suspected were related food cravings and my issues with my weight. I got the results of my allergy tests this week and experienced some "aha" moments. Yes, food allergies are most likely one of the reasons I struggle with my weight and experience such incredible food cravings. So I'm now armed with some supplements and a plan to eliminate allergens. Just based on all of the things I need to eliminate, it will be impossible to not lose weight if I follow the plan Lia has given me. In fact, for the next little while my food choices are fairly limited and I think I will reach my goal weight very quickly. Which will be a bit of a relief, since I can't afford to buy new clothes to fit my somewhat more plump body! As an added bonus, my environmental allergies should also improve, along with increased immune function. Yeehaw!

So, after Thanksgiving with my family, I will be following a strict diet. I decided to wait until after Thanksgiving dinner, because honestly, I really can't see eating a salad while everyone around me is enjoying sumptuous feast. And I really don't want to have the argument with my parents that skipping the meal would entail.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'll be updating my blog with my journey. And namaste to all of my fellow yogis and yoginis.

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