Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is (insert pronoun here) thinking??

This post is not inspirational...it's a rant. Ok, now that you have been warned, feel free to read on and to comment.

Today a well intended, yet clearly (in my mind) delusional individual invited me to join a fitness "group" wherein people who join do an aerobics routine together, to a dvd. Nice enough right? Ok, now here's where I wanted to unleash my inner kickboxer on said individual's absurdly plump arse, "I don't think it'll be too hard for you." And went on to tell me how to target my core, because you know, it's really important. And explained how squats are the best thing for your core.

I am proud of myself for politely declining and walking away. I did not point out that I have been working out for many years, and knew about cores than said individual would know in a million freakin' years. I also did not point out that h** core has the consistency of pudding, and is still well hidden by a generous layer of cushioning.

I would love to invite Rob the psycho to come do a kickboxing class with her. It would be so funny. It would be cruel, but oh, so funny.

Ok rant over. Heading out to yoga.


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