Monday, February 17, 2014

February blahs

Anyone else sick of snow?  Here in my part of Southwestern Ontario we have had the biggest wallop of a winter in recent memory.  Utter craziness.  I cannot wait for spring.  Today is a relatively mild day for this winter....only -13 Celsius.  Yep, that is mild for this year.  But it is sunny, definitely a plus.  So..flipping..tired..of..cold..and..snow..

So, we have decided that we are going to head to somewhere hot for a week to recharge.  We think Cuba.  Hot sunny beach.  It's calling my name.  I need to recharge my batteries.  Winter, school and life are seriously kicking my butt.

I've been reading a Susan Sly book, which is giving me many bright moments of thought, but also giving me cause to ponder aspects of my personality and life.  I know in my heart of hearts that there are changes I need to make for my own wellbeing, but it's really hard to change part of who you are.  She speaks a lot of developing an awareness of what you attract in your life.  And how to change it.  There are some things that I attract (pattern of behaviour?!) that I'd really like to leave behind.  Because in truth, if you don't leave it behind you don't create room to attract the really good stuff.  BUT, that can cause pain.  I'm working through coming to terms with what is sure to be a sharp pain, but hopefully not that long-lasting.  Sort of like ripping off a bandage.  Fast and immediate as opposed to long, drawn out heartache. 

Growth is an interesting thing.  I know there's going to be some pain, but then I look at some of the new things and friends change is bringing into my life.  It's a process.

In the meantime of being sick of snow and pondering the changes that I think are necessary, I express my gratitude for all that I have.  Especially family, friends and health.