Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enough already!

Anyone else sick of snow?  Storms?  After a beautiful day today, by 4:00 pm the wind and drifting started and we are supposed to get walloped again.  This time a charming mixture of rain and wet snow, along with 65 km/hr gusts of wind.  And I can tell you that the wind has started.  It's howling all around the house. I think Mother Nature is suffering from perimenopause.  I have some supplements that might help that.....one woman in that stage of life in this house is plenty :)

It's really difficult to hang onto positivity and light when this winter deal keeps dragging on and on.  We need a good thaw, and some sunshine.  Actually alot of sunshine.  If we just had some sun, we could plod through a little easier.  You with me on that one?

One little spot of goodness in this exhausting day?  Hubs left me a chocolate bar on my beside table.  Which I believe would be thoroughly enjoyable along with a couple episodes of my newest favourite tv show on dvd, Sons of Anarchy.  I'm addicted.

In other news, this is my 200th blog post.  Which is awesome.  And makes me wish I had something to give away.  But the only thing handy that I'd like to give away is my crappy winter attitude. No one wants that....and I'm working on being kind to others.  Not the best way to go about human kindness!

My bloggy friend Tina at http://thriftingwithcake.blogspot.ca/ shared this on her blog today.  I can't tell you how much I love it.  Thanks Tina!  (and I hope you don't mind.....)  My give away--go visit her blog.  She's a funny lady.  (and for some unknown reason, I can't centre the darned thing.  So be it.  I'm not in the mood to argue with technology today!)

And another one swiped from Girls on the Run facebook page (who by the way have a couple of chapters in Ontario but aren't adding any others currently, total bummer, I'd like to start it at my school)

These make me feel better about the snow situation.  But not nearly as good as spring and warm weather are going to make me feel.  Looking forward to runs outside (not a cold weather outdoor runner.  yuck), wearing a spring jacket and shoes and an all around feeling of general well-being that comes with nice weather.

So Ontario friends, batten down the hatches to get through this storm, and dream of spring with me.  And everyone else living in Snowmageddon (also referred to as the Snowpocalyse on a friend's fb page today), same to you.  Maybe if we all concentrate hard enough, we can make it happen.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Too much perfectionism?

I have always known that I suffer from perfectionism.  In a very big way.  And yes, sometimes it makes me crazy.  But I've always been fine with what others do, just hold myself to ridiculously high standards (recognizing it and being to control it are clearly 2 very different things).  I have just been smacked right in the face with the realization that perhaps my expectations of others are too high as well.  I console myself with the knowledge that I would never ask someone (anyone!) to do something I wouldn't do myself.

However....is that fair and realistic?  If I'm willing to be a workaholic, does that mean I expecting others to be as well?  I don't think so, but maybe that's not the impression others are getting.  I think I may be making others feel badly about their abilities.  Not at all what I would ever intend.  I have a freakish ability to memorize policy & procedure (never argue with me about the rules of a game....I have memorized the rules...it's in there, honest), and an internal disposition to follow them to a "t".  i's dotted and t's crossed.  A nearly encyclopedic knowledge of grammar rules.  I can't help it.  And it's not personal when I disagree with someone.  It's just the way it is.  Years of language study and grammar courses at the university level will do that to a person.  I know what a subordinate clause looks like, and I know how to use it successfully in a sentence.

My children accuse me regularly of having high standards.  Too high in their opinion.  So sue me.  Or do your own thing anyway (which is clearly the road they sometimes take....but that is another story).  I think there's a direct correlation between my standards for myself and my professional success.  That makes me happy.

Perfectionism Is A Dream Killer--gotta remember this.If it makes it any better, my perfectionism can be crippling and make it nearly impossible to meet my own goals.  Health and fitness being the prime examples.

We can't all be perfect all of the time.  Even though I like to try.  I don't think it's killed my dreams, but maybe it has.  I just don't want my perfectionism to be responsible for killing the dreams (or self-esteem) of others.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

snowstorm of the century?!

We are bracing for a whomping big snowstorm.  It's been said that it will be the worst snowstorm in years.  It certainly looks like it on the radar.  While I have no trouble going to work on a no bus day, if it's going to be really bad out, I hope it's bad enough to close roads and close schools.  I find no bus days really stressful--staff try to get to work, often on rural poorly maintained winter roads--I worry!  I'd really like to get to school, I need the weekend to read report cards.  If people can't get to school, I can't get their reports and will have to read them online.  Not ideal.

And I'd have to say, not a great time for my eyes to have a flare-up.  I've been walking around looking like I have a wicked case of pink eye in my right eye.  It's not, it's just a flare-up, I'm guessing caused by autoimmune issues.  Good times, let me tell you.  People love hanging out with someone who looks like they're going to infect them with conjunctivitis.  It's not catching, really.  Just very irritating.  And gross.

Can I just say I'm bout ready for significant beach time?  Snowstorms, cold, crappy driving--yuck.  Ready for this to be over.  On that note, I have noticed that the days are growing longer.  Happily noticed!  Nice to be headed to the longest day of the year, dontcha think?  And with the longest day, beach weather.