Friday, November 23, 2012


The best day of November is almost here....tomorrow is my youngest son's birthday.  And if you recall from a couple of really whiny posts, I don't like November.  Except for this day.  And it's tomorrow!  Which means my birthday is just around the corner.  I don't really care about my birthday anymore (that stopped being exciting about 15 years ago!), but it means that the Advent season is beginning, because CHRISTMAS is coming!

Maybe it's because we were away last year and didn't even put up our tree, maybe it's because I just crazy about Christmas, but can't wait to put up the tree and decorate the whole house.  I usually go pretty low-key with the decorating.  Not this year.  I want the outside of the house to look like the Griswold's and the inside to look like Santa lives here.  The huge nutcracker is sitting in the front entrance, just waiting for his nutcracking brethren to join him.  The twinkly tree that was my grandmother's is sitting in the box, begging to be put on display.  Already purchased gifts hidden away and waiting to be wrapped.  Cookies to bake.....I'm sure you're getting the picture.  I'm as excited as a small child.

I have a feeling Christmas will be an extravaganza this year.  Starting tomorrow.  Because the triple family birthday party is on Sunday, which means housecleaning and decorating tomorrow.  I feel the need to share my incredible excited-ness and glee about Christmas with my nephews (you know, whip them into a frenzy, send them home ridiculously overstimulated and talking about Christmas.  My siblings can thank me later).  I think there just may be a Christmas craft at the family party.  I might even break out sparkles.  You know, since I won't be crafting with my class this year.  Although I might borrow a class for a craft.  We'll see.

Cue the Christmas music....I usually wait until December.  But this year, I think we're close enough.

Friday, November 16, 2012

My favourite thing about Neil Young....

I've been reading Neil Young's new autobiography "Waging Heavy Peace".  I love Neil.  Totally.  He's such a quirky old dude!  The best thing about Neil, aside from his amazing songwriting skills and music that touches my soul?  The way he speaks about his wife and kids.  He LOVES his family.  The respect and love in the way he writes about his wife Pegi warms my heart.  The complete and utter devotion to his seriously challenged son Ben is inspiring, and brings tears to my eyes.  The pride in his oldest son Zeke, also special needs--fantastic.  The way he writes of his daughter Amber is the way fathers of all daughters should write about their little girl.  Some day when we're old(er), I hope my hubs speaks of me the same way.  I highly recommend his book.

Waging Heavy Peace

    I love his book.  I love his music.  I love the way he writes of his family.  If you do read the book, be forewarned--it's a little random, just like Neil.  It's not linear or necessarily sequential. All from the boy from Omemmee, Ontario.  I'd love to meet him and talk with him.  I think it would be a very interesting conversation!

Check out this song from his new album, "Psychedelic Pill".  I too was born in Ontario.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ok November, enough already

Remember my last post?  All whiny and all?  I was right.  November is blech.  This is why:
1.  A former colleague's husband was hit by a car and literally had to fight for his life.  They have 5 year old twin girls and now they are here in ON while their mommy has gone to Michigan to be with their daddy.  It sounds as if he's going to be ok, but it was very scary for the family.  And he's no where near ready to be sent home.
2.  An acquaintance whose son is very good friends with my son was in a car accident and was airlifted to a Toronto hospital.  Again, she will be ok, but has a long road of recovery ahead, including alot of physiotherapy for her leg, hip and arm.
3.  My beloved Chase got into something toxic and was really sick.  I was at work, but luckily hubs and son figured it out and got her to the vet.  Where she stayed overnight, had IVs, liquid charcoal, etc.  She's ok, but it was traumatizing for us.  And her.  It was her very first overnight away from home without us that wasn't at Grandma and Grandpa's.  She's 9.  And a little spoiled and coddled.
4.  My daughter and her boyfriend went to his uncle's funeral yesterday.  The same weekend as the first anniversary of his sister's death.  Very difficult time for his mom especially.  And his sister's husband and daughter.
5.  In the past few weeks, I can count on one hand the number of days that have been sunny.  Really, that's making it not so nice.  A little sunshine goes a long way.

Most of the things that have happened this month so far are all about other people.  I recognize that it's not about me.  But I care about people.  I want everyone to be happy and not have pain in their lives.  It stresses me out thinking that people are experiencing trials.  I need to get over this, clearly.

Very positive thing though--my sis will have her baby soon.  Maybe by the end of November.  That would make November a much nicer month.  Two birthdays to celebrate would be fantastic!

In  my spare time I've been pinning Christmas ideas.  We were on a cruise last year and didn't decorate, not even a tree.  I CANNOT wait this year!  I love Christmas (obviously, who else would get married at Christmas time--only Christmas fanatics!).  I am itching to start decorating.  But it's a little soon.  I am going to go Christmas shopping today.  With my wonderful hubs (saver of dogs....he's a keeper!).  I'm itching to do some crafting too.  I used to craft alot, you know, when I was a stay at home mom mostly.  It's been a long while.  Perhaps I should finish a very special knitting project first though, I might need it's very tiny and soft, for a very special little person whom I haven't met yet.

I'm even getting the urge to sew.  Nothing too complicated (obviously!), but I do have some Christmas fabric waiting to be made into something....

Here's some of my favourite Christmas pins:
Christmas decorating ideas for the home

lighted wreath snowman..O holy night. I love this!!!  I think I will need to find or make on for next Christmas!!

hot chocolate + bailey's! Cute diy gift!!

I can't wait!!!!  I'm going to go do some more pinning, I need to find some Nutcracker pictures.....

Have a blessed day.  May the worst of November be past for all.


Sunday, November 4, 2012


The only really, truly good thing about November is my youngest son.  He was born on November 24th.  The rest of the month is just....blech.  It's grey, cold, snow/mud/leaves we didn't rake/mess in the yard, raw, did I mention blech?  It's a sad month in Canada.  No real purpose except the long prelude to December.  The BEST month of the year.  Well, December and July.  But I digress....December rocks.

Maybe it's just because I can't seem to get warm today.  Maybe it's the snow.  Maybe I'm just very tired because I spend night worrying about saving the world, and changing the clocks always throws me for a loop.  But I'm not loving November.  I'm focusing on December.  Looking forward to Christmas.  My birthday and our wedding anniversary is in December.  It's a happy month.  It starts on November 24th, and doesn't end until January 1st.  Another fantastic thing this December?  I'm going to be an aunt again.  I'm rooting for December 2nd.  Three birthdays on one day would just be sooooo cool!

I think having a woodstove on a day like today would be a good thing.  Wood heat is the only kind of heat that gets rid of the chill like the one I have today.  Or maybe a Bailey's hot chocolate with one of the very cute marshmallow/candycane decoration thingys I pinned on pinterest.  You know, the one I'm too lazy to grab to stick on here.


The wheel has turned.  Time to put on a happy face and pretend I enjoy it.  It's the only thing that will get me through to December.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

bullying....what to do?

As many are aware, a Canadian girl recently committed suicide because of bullying.  While social media is in many ways a positive thing, it also has the potential to perpetuate bullying.  Online/digital bullying has become a huge issue.  But it makes us complacent about the old-fashioned kind of bullying that's always been around.

Physical intimidation.  Exclusion.  Name calling.  Bigotry.  Rumour starting.  Rumour repeating.  Groups of people using their power to hurt others--emotionally or physically.  One person having power over a social group.  "boys will be boys" altercations.  Teasing.  The list goes on.

Bullying is a social issue, and we as a society need to work to end it.  People need to take responsibility for their own behaviour and actions.  Period.  Whether child or adult, everyone bears responsibility for the way in which they treat others.

Ant-bullying Week in Ontario is this month.  In many ways, I understand that by giving bullying its own week, it brings attention to a systemic societal problem.  I also think that it minimizes the severity of the problem--it deserves our attention, not just one week a month.

I question what kind of adult intervention will truly make a difference.  It's clear to me, that what we are doing isn't working.  Obviously.  And what is the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing and expecting different results.  Aren't we engaging in insanity with the way we deal with bullying?

What is the answer?  I don't know.  I do know that the adults need to help the kids to take responsibility.  Pull our heads out of the sand.  It's happening.  Our children are sometimes guilty of it.  WE are sometimes guilty of it.  I can think of a number of adults who in some way or another abuse their power or social position.  Are our kids just mimicking what they've seen?

If you know of any really good articles/books/websites that would be helpful, let me know.  I want to be a part of the solution.