Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ok November, enough already

Remember my last post?  All whiny and all?  I was right.  November is blech.  This is why:
1.  A former colleague's husband was hit by a car and literally had to fight for his life.  They have 5 year old twin girls and now they are here in ON while their mommy has gone to Michigan to be with their daddy.  It sounds as if he's going to be ok, but it was very scary for the family.  And he's no where near ready to be sent home.
2.  An acquaintance whose son is very good friends with my son was in a car accident and was airlifted to a Toronto hospital.  Again, she will be ok, but has a long road of recovery ahead, including alot of physiotherapy for her leg, hip and arm.
3.  My beloved Chase got into something toxic and was really sick.  I was at work, but luckily hubs and son figured it out and got her to the vet.  Where she stayed overnight, had IVs, liquid charcoal, etc.  She's ok, but it was traumatizing for us.  And her.  It was her very first overnight away from home without us that wasn't at Grandma and Grandpa's.  She's 9.  And a little spoiled and coddled.
4.  My daughter and her boyfriend went to his uncle's funeral yesterday.  The same weekend as the first anniversary of his sister's death.  Very difficult time for his mom especially.  And his sister's husband and daughter.
5.  In the past few weeks, I can count on one hand the number of days that have been sunny.  Really, that's making it not so nice.  A little sunshine goes a long way.

Most of the things that have happened this month so far are all about other people.  I recognize that it's not about me.  But I care about people.  I want everyone to be happy and not have pain in their lives.  It stresses me out thinking that people are experiencing trials.  I need to get over this, clearly.

Very positive thing though--my sis will have her baby soon.  Maybe by the end of November.  That would make November a much nicer month.  Two birthdays to celebrate would be fantastic!

In  my spare time I've been pinning Christmas ideas.  We were on a cruise last year and didn't decorate, not even a tree.  I CANNOT wait this year!  I love Christmas (obviously, who else would get married at Christmas time--only Christmas fanatics!).  I am itching to start decorating.  But it's a little soon.  I am going to go Christmas shopping today.  With my wonderful hubs (saver of dogs....he's a keeper!).  I'm itching to do some crafting too.  I used to craft alot, you know, when I was a stay at home mom mostly.  It's been a long while.  Perhaps I should finish a very special knitting project first though, I might need it's very tiny and soft, for a very special little person whom I haven't met yet.

I'm even getting the urge to sew.  Nothing too complicated (obviously!), but I do have some Christmas fabric waiting to be made into something....

Here's some of my favourite Christmas pins:
Christmas decorating ideas for the home

lighted wreath snowman..O holy night. I love this!!!  I think I will need to find or make on for next Christmas!!

hot chocolate + bailey's! Cute diy gift!!

I can't wait!!!!  I'm going to go do some more pinning, I need to find some Nutcracker pictures.....

Have a blessed day.  May the worst of November be past for all.


1 comment: said...

Good lord! Doesn't matter if the bad isn't happening to you, it blows to watch people you care for hurt. :(

Chase! Scary! I find it super stressful when our animal babies get's not like you can explain it too them.. glad Chase is ok!

I get saddened and stressed about abused animals, kids and women. It's hard to stay positive when you see carelessness, evil and despair. I think the fact that you're empathetic is great, but it hurts and is stressful!

I'm all for trying to shorten November ..dark days, little sun and bitter cold equal crap on a crapwich to me!!