Friday, November 23, 2012


The best day of November is almost here....tomorrow is my youngest son's birthday.  And if you recall from a couple of really whiny posts, I don't like November.  Except for this day.  And it's tomorrow!  Which means my birthday is just around the corner.  I don't really care about my birthday anymore (that stopped being exciting about 15 years ago!), but it means that the Advent season is beginning, because CHRISTMAS is coming!

Maybe it's because we were away last year and didn't even put up our tree, maybe it's because I just crazy about Christmas, but can't wait to put up the tree and decorate the whole house.  I usually go pretty low-key with the decorating.  Not this year.  I want the outside of the house to look like the Griswold's and the inside to look like Santa lives here.  The huge nutcracker is sitting in the front entrance, just waiting for his nutcracking brethren to join him.  The twinkly tree that was my grandmother's is sitting in the box, begging to be put on display.  Already purchased gifts hidden away and waiting to be wrapped.  Cookies to bake.....I'm sure you're getting the picture.  I'm as excited as a small child.

I have a feeling Christmas will be an extravaganza this year.  Starting tomorrow.  Because the triple family birthday party is on Sunday, which means housecleaning and decorating tomorrow.  I feel the need to share my incredible excited-ness and glee about Christmas with my nephews (you know, whip them into a frenzy, send them home ridiculously overstimulated and talking about Christmas.  My siblings can thank me later).  I think there just may be a Christmas craft at the family party.  I might even break out sparkles.  You know, since I won't be crafting with my class this year.  Although I might borrow a class for a craft.  We'll see.

Cue the Christmas music....I usually wait until December.  But this year, I think we're close enough.

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Lol! Waiting for his nutcracking brethren? Outside like the griswold's? You crack me up!!

Hope the bday parties and festivities are fabulous for you!

Give alll the kids soda!

I'm just starting on holiday decor..and I think I'm about to go batshit crazy and overboard. Hooray!