Sunday, November 4, 2012


The only really, truly good thing about November is my youngest son.  He was born on November 24th.  The rest of the month is just....blech.  It's grey, cold, snow/mud/leaves we didn't rake/mess in the yard, raw, did I mention blech?  It's a sad month in Canada.  No real purpose except the long prelude to December.  The BEST month of the year.  Well, December and July.  But I digress....December rocks.

Maybe it's just because I can't seem to get warm today.  Maybe it's the snow.  Maybe I'm just very tired because I spend night worrying about saving the world, and changing the clocks always throws me for a loop.  But I'm not loving November.  I'm focusing on December.  Looking forward to Christmas.  My birthday and our wedding anniversary is in December.  It's a happy month.  It starts on November 24th, and doesn't end until January 1st.  Another fantastic thing this December?  I'm going to be an aunt again.  I'm rooting for December 2nd.  Three birthdays on one day would just be sooooo cool!

I think having a woodstove on a day like today would be a good thing.  Wood heat is the only kind of heat that gets rid of the chill like the one I have today.  Or maybe a Bailey's hot chocolate with one of the very cute marshmallow/candycane decoration thingys I pinned on pinterest.  You know, the one I'm too lazy to grab to stick on here.


The wheel has turned.  Time to put on a happy face and pretend I enjoy it.  It's the only thing that will get me through to December.


Autoimmune Girl said...

Cheer up friend! You have so much to look forward to next month. Maybe November is what makes December so great. Maybe November will fly by or maybe even something great will happen for you this November. Here is wishing you some warmth. said...

Ahhhh..I hear ya, lady! Minnesota and November are similar for me. I find I become disinterested in life. It's gray. I'm tired. I lol at your too lazy to post the pinterest item. That is me!!

I did get married on nov 9th in 2008, so I love THAT ..but we did marry in the Caribbean and that was fun. Celebrating here feels..not the same. Not once. Eva!

I went back to bed today with a stack of books and mags. I also ate four donuts. It seemed to help. Moving on to wine territory soon.

It's getting dark and it's not five yet. Blehhh!!

Your sister in the fight,


Nicole said...

Thanks girlfriends! That was a whiny, I can't get warm, I strained my back post. I need to get more exercise and lots of yoga to cure what ails me :)

Tina--you and Bradders doing anything crazy for your anniversary? Like going back to the Caribbean? The Caribbean.....I dream about swimming in the ocean in the Bahamas, so warm. said...

No caribbean this year! I wish! We want to do something really fun for our five year. Also his two hip surgeries in less than a year make it a "Mac and Cheese Anni"! Gotcha! But nothing big. He can't sit in chairs for any length of time without discomfort. We MAY go to a nice restaurant near our house. Will have to see how he feels. I'm READY for the caribbean!

This is Day 5 of Gray, Cold, Rain and Gloom. I could also use more exercise!

Have a great night!