Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's here, it's finally here!

I made it.  That dastardly month November is past.  It's December 1st!  YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!  Let me tell you, November nearly killed me.  I am done with 70's porn star moustaches (on hubs, not on me!), dreary grey, Remembrance Day (yes I'm grateful, no I don't like thinking about it), children sobbing their little hearts out to me in my office (that one will continue, it's not really over, but I am hoping the excitement of Christmas will help it to abate....slightly), progress reports, Thanksgiving being past but not being able to really decorate for Christmas yet.  DONE!

We are getting closer to Christmas, and everyone knows that December is the best month of the year.  I'm a lucky lady--birthday, wedding anniversary and Christmas all in one month.  Delightful.  On the schedule for today--tree.  Yep, Christmas tree goes up today.  I capitulated and bought a pre-lit artificial one a couple years ago (and my pine allergies have thanked me profusely--no weird rash for an entire month every year anymore).  We didn't put it up last year, because we were going away and I was fully aware that without direct supervision on a daily basis Allistair Cookie would totally destroy it.  But, it's time.  Too bad my big, strong men are all still sleeping, or I'd be working on it now.  Somehow I don't think waking them to drag it upstairs for me is a good idea.  I'll wait.....a little while longer.

Along with the tree, they will bring up my giant-ass rubbermaid containers of Christmas ornaments and stuff. My life-sized nutcracker has been a lone sentry, because I haven't unearthed the brethren yet.  They are in the rubbermaid bins.  And those suckers require 2 strong men to carry them upstairs.  Although with the adrenaline of December, I could possibly develop superhuman strength and be able to lift them--you know, like those moms who lift cars off of their child.  But I'd likely hurt my back, adrenaline or no, so I guess I'll wait on those too.

Unfortunately I forgot my very cool picture frame the custodian at school found and was going to chuck, and I like a good hoarder rescued, it is still propped against the wall in my office.  I have a vision in my head for it, I will buy the supplies today.  Hubs thinks we're popping into Home Depot briefly for one thing.....hahahaha, silly hubs.  Craft supplies and Christmas stuff is also on the list.  I'll work on the actual frame this week.

Is it creepy to want one of those giant Santa framed pictures to hang on the wall too?  I kick myself for not buying one of those a few years ago when they could be found in Homesense.  You know, back when I was demonstrating some Christmas restraint.  Christmas on a cruiseship last year cured me of that nonsense.  I have the perfect spot for one of those.

Btw--did anyone notice that pinterest has a whole new holidays section deal going on???  I was too tired the other night, but I'm spending some time checking that out this weekend.  It's like porn for Christmas fanatics. Not a creepy moustache in sight.

Also with December comes the desire to start Christmas baking.  I will have to hide the supplies though, some giant 14 year old boy ate my whole pkg of Skor bits.  I know this from the other night when I was looking for them to eat because I had a craving, lol.  Can't get too mad, that sweet tooth is definitely an inherited trait.  Kind of like his bluey-green eyes with the amber around the pupil.  Likely on the same gene.

The one time of year that I demonstrate zero self-control or practicality is here.  It makes me like a child, filled with excitement and glee.  The nervous anticipation.....if I'm this excited on December 1st, can you imagine what I'll be like by Christmas Eve?  My poor family.

I went to my naturopath yesterday morning, feeling completely depleted.  So depleted and stressed out she had a b*tch of a time to find a good vein for my iv.  I think it's safe to say the iv goodness has kicked in.  That and a good night's sleep, coupled with Christmas fever does wonders.

Have a wonderful December 1st friends, the best month of the year is here.

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Autoimmune Girl said...

Awe, I love that this month makes you so giddy. That is awesome. Enjoy all the celebrations!