Wednesday, December 19, 2012


“Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.” (NIV)
Luke 3:11

This is the Bible verse that was delivered to my inbox today.  A timely verse, in this time of Christmas giving....and the Christmas "gimmes".  I'm reminded daily of the need to give freely of what I possess, and have shared my own lunch with a hungry student on more than one occasion.  And it feels good to do it, it fills me up.  I don't do it because I need anyone to know, or any accolades, but because giving feels much better than receiving.  

While zooming through Walmart last night, picking up a few odds and ends before my appointment with Dr. Pain (formerly known as Dr. Hotty. He's been rechristened.), I was struck by the number of crying children, children demanding toys, temper tantrums and the like.  It made me wonder--what happened to the season of giving.  We've done our children a disservice by forgetting to teach them about giving.

In a society of selfishness, it's a lesson from which we could all benefit, don't you think?  I worry about a generation of children who don't know the joy of giving freely.  Of sharing what we have.  It's a tenet of all the major religions, of yoga, of most belief systems.  So how have we missed the mark?

I will carry this in my heart today.  And for the rest of the season.


cargillwitch said...

I think this tenet has been forgotten as western societies have gained a foothold in the worldwide consciousness. they ( they being us!) prize and value the individual over the collective.This becomes a lifetime focus on what the individual can gain and control over the needs of the larger whole
( community). We praise the independent person - instead of the interdependent person who sees and responds to the needs of the society first. I see and feel it too Nicole. Just my thoughts on how it happened- not sure how we back track! said...

I feel the same way! I do things because it feels actually feels great to give without wanting anything back. What's best for me is when I forget that I've given..and am re-reminded and think "That felt good!" I think I've helped to instill it a bit in my youngest nephew..the last time we gave him change at a restaurant for candy ($1 in quarters) he came back with only 25Cents worth of candy and said "I put the rest in that jar for the animals at the humane society." I was a proud Auntie that day!

My plan for next year is to take him to a local no kill shelter so he can love on the dogs, give time and blankets and see that kindness and caring is needed everywhere, always.

Thanks for the reminder!

Nicole said...

Mary Lynn--I agree. I think that's it, the individual consciousness.

Tina--hubs won't let me near no kill shelters....or any shelter. Something about enough pets, the crying when my heart is pierced by the sadness of unloved/unwanted know :) Good for Emerson! I love when kids independently demonstrate giving. Nothing better!