Saturday, December 15, 2012


Yesterday Last week was incredibly draining.  With the fervor and excitement of the upcoming holidays, comes the stress and difficult times families in crisis or some level of dysfunction face.  It's draining.  I'm not complaining, just stating fact.  Strain is showing, and everyone is beginning to fray around the edges.  That's the kind of week it was.  Frayed around the edges.

So much so, that upon my return to my house, I collapsed into my favourite chair in my pyjamas and favourite sweatshirt, and enjoyed some Mike's....and Bailey's.  I'm not really much of a drinker, and generally think that drinking because you're stressed is NOT a good idea.  And with my addictive personality.....I shudder to think if I imbibed regularly. But last night I needed to unwind, and yoga just wasn't in the cards.

However, it would be irresponsible to have Bailey's in my coffee at 7 a.m., so I've done the next best thing for stress relief (that doesn't involve yoga, kickboxing or prayer).  I have done the responsible thing and stolen Toblerone from the bag of stocking stuff for my children.  Huge chunks of Swiss chocolate with my coffee makes a breakfast of champions, don't you think?  Theft from children is wrong.  But my children are actually either 1) an adult and really too old for Santa; or 2) much larger than I, and consequently too big for Santa. And I have sufficient time to replace the stolen chocolate before Santa actually needs it for stockings.

While my personal stress levels are high (I can hear my heart beating and my cheeks are perpetually flushed--not a good sign), I can only imagine the level of stress and heartbreak in Connecticut.  I am climbing some big hills of my own, but the mountain that community has to climb today is almost insurmountable.  In essence, while I complain of my own troubles, I am all too aware that they are minor.  My children are all safe and sound, and so are the children of my school.  Thank God.  And I pray for those families and that community.  I cannot imagine.

On the flip side of my miserableness and complaints, I recognize that I am incredibly lucky.  I have a fantastic husband who takes very good care of me, great kids, and I also have the pleasure of working with amazing people and children.  I get to spend time every day with children from 4 to 14, who share their successes and troubles with me, and the adults who guide them and teach them.  Nothing is better than the huge grin from a student, the kind words of a parent (who just popped in to say hi) and gracious emails from colleagues.  I am lucky.

Lucky enough to have a dog that is glued to my side when I'm feeling stressed, and a cat who takes it upon himself to use the Christmas tree jungle gym to perform acrobatic feats for my entertainment, before curling up on my feet to sleep for the night.  And Marian Keyes latest book to read.  And an appointment for a manicure this morning.  Really, all in all, life is good.

Sadly for Allistair Cookie, the acrobatic/interior design maven cat, I am removing the ivy from the top of the wall unit, leaving him with nothing to regularly throw on the floor.  And replacing it with some manner of Christmas something.  Something he can't throw down to the floor.  Post-manicure I am going to do some Christmas baking, and perhaps work on the picture frame that I want to turn into a chalkboard (it's finally home....and been sitting in the kitchen for over a week).  Life is good.

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Sigh. I am still reeling from the Connecticut school shootings. I was minding my own business watching Ricki Lake yesterday when it came on. I can only say I'm still shocked and horrified beyond belief. Everytime I think about it or read about it, I start to cry. I imagine any one of my nieces or nephews and I can't bear the thought of the families and parents and children there. I was also just at my nephew's school on Wednesday. They have it in general lockdown mode after a weird man was found wandering inside the school a few years back. Even so, I now wonder what can we do? Metal detectors and security guards at doors? I was never afraid to go to school as a kid, never. Bah. So sad.

On a lighter note, your cat sounds adorable! We have yet to get a tree because...we are out of lights! I used them all outside and now...most stores we've been to are out. Why buy a tree without lights? I should probably just buy a fake one after the holidays..but for now..I have bulbs in bowls and Martha Stewart purple ribbon adorning various things..

Good for you on the drink. I also don't like drinking in general as a stress reliever, but sometimes when life hands you need to make a crapwich..which is sometimes, yes, a drink.

Hoping your weekend is lovely! I'm drinking a smoothie and am still in my pj's! Don King hair knowing NO bounds!