Sunday, December 23, 2012

anniversaries, holidays and other wonderful things

Sooooo very happy the Mayans were wrong!  But I knew they were, because my spiritual beliefs involve and book that said so.  But....enough about that.

The winter solstice also happens to be mine and hubs wedding anniversary.  21 on 21 this year.  We celebrated by spending the weekend in downtown Toronto, at our favourite hotel, wandering the downtown area (people watching....good grief, some people are, ahem *interesting*).  It was wonderful.  Much needed down time, with my favourite man.  While in T.O. we met up with my good friend Julie and her husband for a drink.  Julie et al are in Ontario to celebrate Christmas with their adult kids.  It was FABULOUS to see one of my all time favourite peeps!

Have I mentioned that thus far I am thoroughly enjoying the beginning of my two weeks off of work?  I slept for NINE straight hours.  Nothing short of miraculous, let me tell you.  I feel like a new woman!  And I'm looking forward to many more nights of glorious, deep sleep, enhanced by spending time with my loved ones.  My oldest child made gluten-free cookies for me when we were away, a delicious treat indeed.  Made sweeter by the love that went into making them.

This post is getting gooier and mushier by the minute (perhaps the Bailey's coffee I just drank?).  I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  Enjoy your families and friends.  Relax and let it happen, don't stress and worry about it being perfect.  It won't be perfect, but it will be, and will be all the better for it with all of its imperfections.  Honest it will.

Love always. xxoo 

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