Thursday, February 7, 2013

snowstorm of the century?!

We are bracing for a whomping big snowstorm.  It's been said that it will be the worst snowstorm in years.  It certainly looks like it on the radar.  While I have no trouble going to work on a no bus day, if it's going to be really bad out, I hope it's bad enough to close roads and close schools.  I find no bus days really stressful--staff try to get to work, often on rural poorly maintained winter roads--I worry!  I'd really like to get to school, I need the weekend to read report cards.  If people can't get to school, I can't get their reports and will have to read them online.  Not ideal.

And I'd have to say, not a great time for my eyes to have a flare-up.  I've been walking around looking like I have a wicked case of pink eye in my right eye.  It's not, it's just a flare-up, I'm guessing caused by autoimmune issues.  Good times, let me tell you.  People love hanging out with someone who looks like they're going to infect them with conjunctivitis.  It's not catching, really.  Just very irritating.  And gross.

Can I just say I'm bout ready for significant beach time?  Snowstorms, cold, crappy driving--yuck.  Ready for this to be over.  On that note, I have noticed that the days are growing longer.  Happily noticed!  Nice to be headed to the longest day of the year, dontcha think?  And with the longest day, beach weather.



Eco Yogini said...

haha- yeah we're also gearing up for the crazy blizzard here in the maritimes. my parents had to postpone their visit- but then... we'll just have a snowstorm of a weekend! :) sometimes being snowed in is nice.... (and i would LOVE to go sledding....)

Nicole said...

I'm thankful I haven't heard the term "snowmageddon" yet. But Toronto is getting hit hard, I'm sure it will be said by at least one weather reporter :)

cargillwitch said...

Heard the hilarious term on a CBC broadcast last evening. Had a good laugh. 20cm ? a light daily dusting here in Grey-Bruce ;) said...

The dreaded eye illness! Been there. Have also noticed peeps don't seem to be overjoyed to hang with me in that state. Feels pretty!

I hear ya on needing a beach! I'm trying to find beauty in the snow, but I can't!!