Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ok, so we know body composition is reliant on 80%, 10% exercise and 10% genetics. So when I'm willing to work my ass off working out, why do I have such a difficult time controlling my eating? Major sugar cravings today, I know it'll even out, but damn! Seriously! My genetics are terrific, just look at me (I'm laughing right now!).

On the upside for today, I played basketball with other parents against Seamus's team. Other than needing a haul on my puffer, I had a great time and was the only parent who wasn't dying. I guess all of that working out pays off! I hope I made my boy was proud of his mama :)

Food Diary for today-

breakie-2 slices whole grain toast (I should have had only one, but you know)
2 eggs, 1Tbsp ketchup and lots of coffee with skim milk

lunch-spinach salad with cucumber, chicken, strawberries and a tablespoon of light poppyseed dressing

snack-apple, 1c ff yogurt, one oatmeal date cookie

slight meltdown-a couple oz of Lindt chocolate bunny

dinner-5 california rolls, lots of water

Tomorrow will be a better day foodwise! And I'm planning to go to Rob's kickboxing class, he'll kick my butt and probably make up for today's little slipup.

And I have to be really good for the rest of the week since I'm going to The Globe with our friends John and Julie and much wine will be drunk.

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