Wednesday, March 16, 2011

domestic diva & who said yoga isn't hard work?!

Lovely yoga class last night. Sarah is trying to encourage all of us to develop a home practice, and is trying to get us to go through the various sun salutations without her guiding us step by step. Shall I just say that the Utkatasana (chair pose) series is some hard work! Feeling it in the hamstrings today, and again with the trapezius muscles. But it is gratifying going through all 3 of the sun saluation series we've been working on by myself. I'm even transitioning from Chaturunga (plank) to upward facing dog without lowering right to the mat. Well, at least some of the time :)

I was excited to receive an email about upcoming running clinics from the Saugeen Triathlon club. These are the same clinics that I went to last spring and fall. Only $30 for 8 weeks, everyone gets a technical shirt from Saucony, and there's a level for everyone--from straight walking, right to running for the whole hour. The shirt alone is worth the $30. Any of my buddies in the area who are interested, let me know and I'll forward the email.

I've been reading blogs about simple living, domestic bliss, and as I said in my last post, it gets me kind of yearning for that type of lifestyle. So this morning as I made healthy banana muffins for my kids and cleaned up my disaster of a kitchen, I pondered what life was actually like when I was a stay-at-home mom. While it all sounds so idyllic, I realized that when I was trying to live that kind of life when the kids were little, I struggled with depression, self-medicated with baking and eating, all in search of the elusive seratonin I so desperately needed. It was an unending cycle of self-hatred. I took university courses to try to maintain my sanity, and filled my days with crafting and unending projects. I wasn't able to be the kind of mom I wanted to be, and shed tears of frustration on a regular basis.

So, while I would love to live that lifestyle, I know it is absolutely not for me. I love my job, and working with children, and while the pace sometimes gets to me, I absolutely know that it is what's right for me. I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Teaching allows me to use my brain, and I get summers, March Break and Christmas vacation to indulge in that other part of me. I still take courses in my, ahem, spare time, and enjoy shuttling my kids to various activities. My career keeps me sane, and as I move further along my path, I experience the constant drive to do more. Thus the courses and all of the leadership workshops.

God bless stay-at-home mamas, living the simple, organic life. And God bless working mamas who do a much better job of parenting because of their jobs/careers. I'm going to spend the next few hours being a domestic diva--in my own fashion, and may even do some professional reading, and throw in a couple of sun salutations. 'Cause that's what makes me happy!

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