Sunday, March 6, 2011

feeling much more like me!

Today is a better day. I really felt irritable and not at all my self yesterday. Beer hangover, without the hangover? I don't know, but I do know I feel much better today!

Did get myself into some low blood sugar trouble yesterday whilst shoe shopping at Sportchek. But honestly shoe shopping with Seamus is enough to do that to anyone. Left the store and sat down, Rick got me a snack and all was well. Note to self--throw a protein bar into purse, definitely a good idea. Fainting at the mall--not a good thing (I didn't actually faint, but that's where it was headed). Luckily I had already found my new running shoes, Sportchek is having their buy one get one 1/2 off deal. I don't technically need them yet, but I will, so it just made good financial sense. And it's always nice to get new kicks :)

My usual Sunday morning solitude has been invaded. Seamus is up, and since Jackson and a friend are sleeping in the basement, guess what we're doing?! Why, who could have guessed that we would be watching a-gasp-basketball game?! Yes, you CAN watch the Raptors all hours of the day and night. I am seriously ready for an end to basketball for the season.

Apparently sleeping boys have awoken, now all 3 are playing Black Ops in the basement. So bye bye Raptors!

Have I blogged lately that I am SOOOOO ready for spring? I'm dreaming of running outside, long walks with Chase (my wonder-dog who needs to lose her winter weight), planting some gardens. I picked up Martha Stewart Living yesterday, usually she gives me a huge pain in my ass, but it's her special gardening issue. I miss my gardens from the old house with the acre lot. I am planning some beautiful vegetable/flower mixed gardens in the backyard. My tomato pots will be moved to the back, and my beautiful deck that Rick built last year is just begging for pots of herbs, along with my usual pots of flowers. Hollyhocks and sunflowers along the back fence. Edible flowers like nastursiums (that's not spelled right, but my brain can't figure it out right now), some beautiful perennials, ahhhh bliss. Do you think my neighbours would mind a small enclosure with some chickens so I can be just like Martha? For those who don't know where I live, it's in a brand new subdivision in town....and my one neighbour would have a complete fit. It might be worth it just to see that.... And an outdoor hutch for the bunnies.

Morning coffee on the deck, puttering around weeding and makes my heart flutter just thinking about it. My dream is to have mostly gardens, with just a little bit of lawn. Rick's dream is different, but eventually my gardens will encroach on his lawn. If you're reading this honey, sorry...sort of ;P

Maybe we should sell this house and move to the country...

Time to quit blogging and get ready for church. Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday morning.

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