Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring ahead!

Am I the only one very excited that we have changed to Daylight Savings Time? While I don't like the hour less sleep, I LOVE that we have daylight late into the evening! I am spoiled this year, my body will be well adjusted to the time change by the end of March Break, and well, nothing on the break is that pressing that I will need that hour of sleep.

The time change gives me hope that spring is almost here, and images of gardens and warm sunshine walks dance in my head. And everyone knows what follows spring, right? SUMMER!!! Beaches, shorts and t-shirts, bathing suits, fresh local veggies, mmmmmm. I absolutely cannot wait to hang out on the beach at Memorial Park in Meaford, reading my book and watching Seamus swim all afternoon. My hands-down favourite thing to do in summer. Of course, arriving at the beach after a peaceful early morning of watering flowers, drinking coffee on the deck and enjoying my backyard, Chase at my side.

Have I idealized summer bliss? Of course! Allistair will be meowing plaintively at the screen door, begging to be allowed out, there will be the inevitable arguments with the kids about wearing sunscreen, Chase will walk on my flowers and be totally confused when I tell her to get out of the gardens. But it will be warm, there won't be snow and even on the coolest day, a sweatshirt will be warm enough. I will be wearing birkenstocks without socks, or flipflops, my skin will be a nice pale peach colour, instead of pasty white and it will be SUMMER!

Sun salutations on the deck in the early morning sun...bliss. Running outside, Chase to keep me company....bliss. Fresh Ontario strawberries....double bliss!

Enjoy the first Sunday of DST my friends, good things will follow!

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