Monday, March 14, 2011

I have a feeling it's going to be one of those days...

Yogic breathing, don't fail me now! Day started off when hubs got up to his very loud alarm for work, about 4:30. Fell back asleep to be rudely awoken by doggy roaring down the stairs, chasing the cat. Several times. Allistair is a pissant cat. Chase the dog was aptly named. Fell back asleep for only minutes when phone rang (it's now 5:30). Hubs. "I just realized I have your car keys in my pocket, here at work." No problem, I'll use the spare set. "Jess has them in her purse, here at work." WTF?! Let me say they are extremely lucky I don't have to work today because it's March Break. However, had already made plans to go to IKEA with Mom, said I would drive. My car is a couple of years old. Mom's is ancient, and not always reliable. Oh goody. Called Mom, we are now taking her car to IKEA. Hoping, with both fingers crossed that she asks me to drive. And that car makes it to city and back.

Yoga has done me some good, I didn't shriek in anger at dumbass hubs. Did hang up rather abruptly, but not long ago would have completely freaked out first. Did some focused breathing. Still would like to kick his ass, but will likely cool down by the time I see him tonight. Daughter is going to be the recipient of a speech about not having her own car keys until she is paying the car payment.

Hubs just called to make sure Mom can drive to IKEA. Did not manage to breath deeply and not shriek. Cavalier attitude sent me over the edge. Too upset to do yoga, and also don't want to foul my mat with tears of frustration and fury. Mat needs to be free of negative energy.

I guess I should just be thankful that I don't have little kids to get to school, and a very heavy toddler. I distinctly remember another time my keys were at work with hubs, and stroller was locked in my van. Jackson was one very heavy toddler to walk half way across town with. So was Seamus. I guess that would be at least 2 times that has happened to me. 20 years later and he still hasn't learned.

Humph! It's going to be one of those days. A stop at Lululemon may be in order...

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