Wednesday, August 31, 2011

random thoughts

I just finished reading a post on about touch/massage.  It was interesting, about how humans crave touch.  I often shrink away from being touched, and I remember as the parent of young children feeling completely overwhelmed by the constant physical contact with another.  I once had a student with sensory issues, and that student was tactile defensive.  When I did a little research so I could better meet the student's needs, it was like reading about myself.  And I find it interesting that while I often prefer to not be touched, I do go for regular massage, and I find petting my critters very soothing.  When I'm stressed, I can almost feel my blood pressure decreasing when I pet either the cats or the wonderdog.  And massage instantly reduces stress.  So I guess what I'm coming to is that touch is important, but the kind of touch is also important.  Effleurage type of touch makes me want to punch the toucher.  That is not exactly the point!

I'm feeling a little scattered this morning.  So forgive me as I jump to the next randon thought occupying my brain :)

I went to the ND the other day.  And through discussion, we decided together that I need to eliminate carbs from my diet.  Excepting vegetables, fruit, and legumes.  I can indulge in quinoa or brown rice from time to time.  But nothing milled or processed.  The wrong carbs are creating all kinds of unsavory responses in my body.  They just don`t really work for my body chemistry.  All of the yoga, running, supplements, etc in the world aren`t going to change that.  And even though in my allergy tests, glutinous grains weren`t highly reactive, they are likely the culprit for some of the things I find to be going on.  I did have a minor reaction to them, but compared to the others they were minute.  However, since I really don`t like some of the effects, I am going to give this new elimination a go.  I can`t say I`m thrilled, but I will hopefully be thrilled with the results.  *sigh*  She also prescribed chromium to me to help with the sugar cravings that my stressful life are causing.  And through a little of my own research, I realize that coffee likely has to go too.  Now that almost makes me cry!  I LOVE coffee.  I guess like a heroin addict loves heroin.  I know I`ve been drinking way too much over the summer (the darned coffee pot is right there!).  I`m supposed to be drinking green tea, at least 4 cups a day, so maybe that will be a nice substitute?  I highly freakin' doubt it, but I guess it's worth a try.  Getting and staying healthy is a full-time job!  So those who read this blog that live in the same house, and those who work with me--beware.  I will be a grumpy, headachy, gassy mess for a while.  At least until my body detoxes from the caffeine, and gets used to eating a whole lot of legumes.  I bet you are all really looking forward to that!

And on to the next topic...

My oldest chicky is getting ready to go to university.  And the stress level is rising.  Her body is out of whack from working midnights for a huge chunk of the summer, and with the stress the poor child is sleeping alot.  She's not enjoying her last week at home.  She finished at her job, and was hoping to have some fun this week.  The b****h of it all is that there's nothing I can do to lessen the anxiety.  I am encouraging B vitamins, GABA and Rescue Remedy, and being positive about how wonderful it will be, but that's really all I can do.  It doesn't help that this is a jam-packed week and I'm running around like a madwoman.  It's kind of difficult for anyone to relax in the circumstances.  Her aunt and grandma have showered her with some lovely gifts to make her room homey at school, and her uncle has asked if she's ok.  She's a lucky girl to have so many people who care so deeply about her.  And those are just representative of the whole family, because I know her grandpa and other aunt and other uncle care just as much.  We are all lucky to have a close family.  The collective children (all of the cousins) in this family are blessed, they have a caring, loving extended family that dotes on them all.

And that brings me to my littlest nephew.  It is his birthday today.  He is a whole year old!  Already!  Happy birthday River, we all love you to pieces!  I saw him yesterday, what a ham.  He's absolutely adorable, just like his boy cousins and brother and his only girl cousin.  We are a lucky bunch!

And that my friends is the end of today's ramble and glimpse into the randomness of my brain.  I could go on, but this is plenty for one day.  Oh, yeah, one more thing.  I still haven't heard from Sarah about yoga, so I've signed on for Tuesday evening yoga in Flesherton with a different teacher.  And I might still hit yoga in the barn on Thursdays.  I'm thinking of a project that would see me practicing for a small time everyday in between.  More on that later.

Namaste friends.

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