Tuesday, August 16, 2011

summer is almost over

We've reached that time of summer, when it's waning, fall is approaching.  Rapidly.  It's the time of summer when I feel panicky, and think of all the things I intended to do before going back to school.  All of the undone projects, the messy corners that haven't been cleaned, the books that haven't been read.  Although to be fair on that last one, I've read ALOT of books, I just have a bunch more that I want to read.

I love teaching.  I love kids.  I just know that once summer is over and school begins my free time becomes almost negligible.  Life becomes a race, race to work, race to the kids sports, cram in laundry and housework (who am I kidding, not very much housework!), race to the next thing.  Weekends become a time of catching up the drudgery of life so that we can function with some efficiency during the week.  Dr appointments, dentist, ND, chiro, massage all become more difficult to fit in.  Running and working out become challenging to fit in.

It's so bittersweet.  I adore late summer, the beautiful days, the cooler nights, the bounty of the beginning harvest.  I am torn.  I look forward to school, yet reluctant at the same time.  Life becomes scheduled, which is good in some ways, and not good in other ways.  *sigh*

On another note:  when the heck did cupcakes become so fashionable?!  Cupcakes are no longer the homemade, slightly sloppy looking treats I made for my kidlets when they were little.  Cupcakes now look like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine.  Blogs about cupcakes!  TV shows about cupcakes!  Entire magazines devoted to cupcakes!  Does that not seem a little silly to anyone but me?  Cupcakes used to be a treat you could whip up quickly, when you didn't have time to make a cake because of the longer cooking time.  A treat just slightly more decadent than a muffin.  Not anymore.  I'm afraid to take cupcakes to anywhere someone else might see them, because my cupcakes are homemade, crooked, kind of messy little cakes.  And they're not decorated within an inch of their little sugary lives.

Ecoyogini blogged about body image and how women make themselves ill all in the name of making themselves thin(ner).  A serious topic that I think we need to delve into more deeply.  Just slightly more important than pretty cupcakes.  Certainly a topic that consistently plagues my life.  Thinking about taking a deeper look at how women (and some men) are affected by social "norms" and the body.  Just a little summer ending project?!

I need to get ready to go babysit my nephew, instead of rambling on anymore.  Wishing everyone who reads this a glorious, comfortable with themselves day....and even a cupcake, if that's what you're into.

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