Sunday, August 21, 2011

IT band woes

Rick has developed some acute IT band troubles.  The IT band is a thick band of fascia that runs along the outside of the thigh, right from the hip to the knee.  And it is often the reason runners have trouble with the hips or the knees.  He is having alot of knee pain.  I feel so bad for him.  He had a great run yesterday, quite a good pace, but has been hobbling ever since.  He even iced his knee in the car on the way to Blue Rodeo yesterday (which by the way was awesome, more later).  There were 2 chiropractors who did a talk after our run clinic yesterday, and they had some injury tips.  But I think the biggest thing is he needs to go for some treatment to help it heal, and so it doesn't really screw up his knee.  He has been pushing through the pain for a couple of weeks, and now he's paying for it.   I have been saying for awhile that he should do some hip opening yoga, and poses/stretches that work the IT band.  I hope he rests it, and works on those stretches.  I also want to call Village Chiro in Orangeville and get them to help him with it.  It's a bummer with only a couple of weeks until the race, but even if he rests if for a couple of weeks, he should still be able to do the race.  I hope.  Fingers crossed.

I had a great run yesterday, a little stiff this morning.  I didn't stretch quite enough, and I ran faster than I've ever done a 5.5k.  Which is still not fast, but I'm getting there.  Norm (run leader) told me I definitely won't finish last  in the race.  And that's all that I care about.  Humiliation can be a powerful motivator!  The race course doesn't have as many hills as we did yesterday, so I should be able to run it faster.  I hope.  But more important to me to finish the race, run well and not injure myself. 

Last night we went to see Blue Rodeo, who are FANTASTIC live!  I so enjoyed it.  I would definitely fork out the bucks to sit closer to the stage next time, even though our seats were ok, I would like to have been closer.  And Rick wants to see them again.  A smaller venue would be great.  The opening band was Steve Earle and the Dukes and Duchesses.  His sound sucked.  I couldn't understand a word he sang or said.  And I was really distracted but the twits walking around, talking, and generally being rude.  But his guitarist Chris Masterson was amazing!  I checked him out with Google and he has an indie album he released a few years ago, I might have to track it down.  He was the best part of the opening act, hands down.  So  Blue Rodeo and Chris Masterson?  Worth the price of admission. 

I was amazed during the concert at the dimwits who got up, walked in front the entire row of people multiple times to go for a smoke, or go get beer.  There were a couple of young guys in front of us who people must have wanted to slap (besides cranky pants me).  I'm not sure why they were there, it wasn't for the band.  And it's a very expensive place to go if you just want to drink beer.  And the lady who kept standing up dancing and blocking everyone's view?  Lady, you are a horrible dancer.  Maybe I'm super conscious of obstructing the view of those behind us.  If us tall drinks of water stand up, no one behind us is going to be able to see.  And they paid just as much as I did to see the show.  Not surprisingly, the lady dancing in front of others?!  Multiple trips to buy beer.  At least security told her to sit her butt down.  And really, if you want to dance, just move over to the aisle where you`re not interfering with the enjoyment of others.  Same to the very young couple slow dancing and making out in the middle of the row.  I did enjoy watching the security lady looking like she'd like to whack them up the side of the head with a big stick.  That was priceless!

I know, I know, I have turned into a middle aged old bag.  But I was pretty much the of the same opinions when I was young too.  Just younger.  Not very yoga of me.  Ahimsa--do no harm.  I didn't actually harm anyone, just thought about slapping them.  Guess it`s kind of the same thing?

Nice quiet, easy day today.  No running, Rick needs to keep his knee up.  I might take Chase the wonderdog for a long walk, maybe look for some more monarch caterpillars.  Of course, protecting them from my cat, Allistair Cookie is a challenge.  Maybe some easy yoga--craving some sun salutations and downward facing dogs.  And of course, in keeping with my pursuit of happiness, some tidying.  This place is a mess!

Happy Sunday my friends.

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