Thursday, August 25, 2011

late August ponderings

It is getting to be very late in August.  Which leaves me wishing that summer could just go on a little longer.  And on the other hand, knowing that the restless, grumpy, out of sorts feeling that seems to be with me all day, every day will disappear once school starts again.  The anticipation kills me every year.  As I've said before, I love my job, but it means the beginning of the rat race again.  If I can't fit it all in now, how on earth do I when I'm teaching?  But it all works out in the end.

I mentioned in a post last week that I wanted to make a lavender eye pillow to help to deepen savasana.  Lo and behold, my friend and colleague Leone has lavender in her garden, and when I went to school on Monday to set up my room she brought me a lovely bunch.  It's hanging to dry in my classroom, and I have to say it lent a lovely smell to that corner of the room!  Once it's dry I will be making an eye pillow for myself, and of course I will be making one for Leone too.  Thank you Leone for once again sharing the bounty of your garden!  (Leone is my source for delicious rhubarb too!)  I planted 2 rhubarb plants by the fence this year, and I will be planting some lavender too, in the spring.  But in the meantime it's lovely to have a friend that shares.

We have been having quite the monarch adventures chez Bolyea.  Allistair Cookie (the kitty) is finding the caterpillars so intriguing.  And keeps knocking them over.  Over, and over, and over again.  And I keep cleaning up the water, the wilting milkweed and the frass (which is just a cool word for caterpillar poop!)  Believe me, there's an abundance of frass!  Yesterday when I got up one of the caterpillars was hanging in a `J` which is the first indication that it is ready to pupate.  I checked on it repeatedly yesterday, and when I got up this morning it had formed its beautiful chrysalis!  So exciting!  (remember, I am a teacher, and easily amused)  So soon we will have an adult monarch to release for its journey to Mexico.  I decided to hold off on collecting anymore eggs, larvae or anything monarch until just before school begins again, Allistair is just too curious.

On a more serious note, yesterday and into the evening our part of the world was under a tornado watch, which was upgraded to a warning around 7:15.  We kept an eye on the weather and headed to the basement for about 1/2 an hour, dog and cats in tow.  I felt guilty for leaving the caged critters upstairs, but really we could have been blown to Oz by the time we got the whole zoo to the safe basement.  We woke Jess up (she's on midnights) to come down with us.  I have never taken the kids to the basement before.  But the sky was green and the rain was blowing completely sideways.  I really didn't know if we would be safe or not.  The dog was very antsy, and pacing before we headed downstairs, and if you're smart you follow your dog's instincts (including whether or not people can be trusted, but that's another story).  She calmed down once we were all safe downstairs.  Is that not an indication that the basement was the right place to be???  Our neighbourhood didn't sustain any damage, and we didn't even lose hydro.  I don't know about the rest of the area yet, there was a reported touchdown in the neighbouring town.  I pray that there was no loss of life or serious damage.

On a much happier note, I put a deposit on a cruise for our family for Christmas!  I am so excited I'm beside myself!  This is the first trip we've ever taken together.  It's only been 20 years.  We either haven't had the money or the time off together.  I'm trying very hard not to think of the eco impact, and heartened that we will be driving to Baltimore for departure which at least helps a bit (no airplane impact).  Realistically this may be our only family trip ever, my kids are growing up very quickly.  We need to do this now!  And we are.  We will be spending Christmas on the ship.  Merry Christmas to us!  Of course the obsessive worrying about our pets, who will care for them, etc has already started.  But I'm sure it will all work out. 

I have decided that I need to start putting pictures on this blog.  It's very vanilla.  I read all of these other blogs (which I'm sad I won't have time for in another couple of weeks), and the photos that are uploaded really make difference.  Of course that means getting better at taking pictures.  Or getting my kids to take pictures for me.  Hello--Jess?!  So I will work on figuring it out.  In the meantime, I will be maybe add some internet freebie images.

Spike Lavandula latifolia

Lavender before

The after (or something that will resemble this!)

(lavender images taken from

Have a wonderful late August day everyone :)

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