Friday, August 19, 2011

new yoga class

Last night I went to yoga in the barn.  It was a lovely setting, literally in the barn, with the evening sunlight peeking through the gaps in the boards, the sounds of the birds and critters outside.  Beautiful.  It was a very gentle hatha class, and was very easy.  Which is probably a good thing after not nearly enough practice over the summer.  It was very different, not a downward dog or sun salutation in sight.  We each chose an intention on a slip of paper out of a little bag, mine was "understanding" which was fitting.  It was kind of weird not setting my own intention.  And way weird being treated as an absolute beginner.  Only at first, once we started, and it was apparent I had done this many times before Lucy relaxed a little with me.  And used me as an example of how you should look during hero pose (my least favourite pose!).  I think she was surprised by my automatic ujayi breathing, and flexibility.  Sarah my sweet, you have trained me well :)

While I enjoyed it and will definitely go back, I also need to find a more challenging class too.  I know hatha is likely not as intense as I need after vinyasa.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was just not a challenging.  And I'm used to being challenged.  And I need to get myself a lavender eye pillow for savasana.  I loved that, it helped me to deepen my savasana.  I think I can make some, I just need to get some lavendar.  Wouldn't that be a wonderful gift?  Delightful.  But back to needing a challenging.  I am crossing my fingers that Sarah will offer a session again in Shelburne.  Change is good, but I am craving a Sarah class.  Craving.  If she doesn't, I may need to head to Buddha Rider to check that out.  Maybe I'll check out a class on the weekend anyway.

Although it was more relaxed and not as challenging as I'm used to, it has done wonders.  Sore shoulder/collarbone (from the scary waterslide incident, lol) much looser, the nice twists are helping my body eliminate toxins, and I slept like a baby.  Which is lucky for my nightowl children.  Their life was in peril.  I need to pick up some of my supplements that I'm out of, and I'll be like a new woman.

Biggest compliment yesterday?  A girl who used to babysit for me when my kids were small (Seamus was only a toddler), and who told me about this yoga class, said to me that I'm in really great shape.  She was kind enough to leave "for your age" unsaid.  But it did me a world of good to hear that to others, whom I don't see very often, that I am in great shape.  Especially for my age.  As many of us know, it does take more work the older we get.  And although I tell myself it's because I want to be healthy, the reality is that it's about outward appearance too.  I don't want to be an old, saggy, out of shape lady.  And I think anyone who knows me, knows that I want to be thin.  Being fat is not something I want.  It's actually a bit of an obsession (I know, really???  Who would have guessed?!).  And because I`m my own biggest critic, it is nice to hear from young'uns (that don't want something from me) that I'm doing pretty well.  I'm ashamed to be so affected by that, but there it is.  I'm honest.

So looking forward to my massage today, so overdue.  I can't wait!

Namaste friends.

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