Friday, August 5, 2011

August days

I thought August was going to be slower.  What was I thinking??  It has been a very full week.  I can't even remember all of the stuff we've done!  

Tuesday was a glorious beach day.  Seamus and I went to the beach for the afternoon, he frolicked in the water for hours, and I had the chance to hangout on the beach, reading and watching him.  I even ventured into the water to cool off.  Georgian Bay is warm!  And if you live in this part of Ontario, you know how rare that is!   Enough days of heat, and not too cool at nights.   Gorgeous.

Wednesday was spent in Toronto with Jackson.  Visited the dr.  Did some shoe shopping--it's really hard to find just the right pair of Vans when you're 15!  But it's not too difficult to make fun of your mom for an unabashed obsession with funky Birkenstocks.  I didn't buy any, but boy, I coveted several pairs.

Yesterday was a fabulous day.  I babysat 2 of my nephews (for a sad reason, their parents were going to a funeral of a man taken too soon).  Jackson came with me, we took him to a ND appointment and the little boys were wonderful in the office!  Charmed all of the ladies, "helped" me get my B12 shot and made their auntie sooooo proud!  We had lunch and met their parents afterwards.  
After babysitting, there was a family get-together at my Mom's cousin's house.  My siblings all went, and I was lucky enough to go with my sister's family, since no one from my house would come with me (teenagers!), and Rick was still at work.  Sat in the backseat with my other nephew.  That child can spin a tale!  
While I admit I was a little reluctant to go--probably my mother's presentation/insistence got my heels dug in a bit--I had a great time!  My mom's cousins are really nice people, and there was a cousin visiting from BC that I'd never met.  My brother and his wife met them when they were living out west, so at least they knew some of the "younger" generation.  Eventually some cousins that are my age that I spent time with as a kid came, and it was nice visiting and catching up with them.  My cousin Arden hasn't changed since we were kids.  The only thing that would have made it better is if Arden's sisters could have been there.  Especially Chris.  Chris and I were buddies when we were kids, and through the wonders of facebook, we've been in touch the past couple of years.  Her mom says she's coming up at Thanksgiving, maybe we can all get together then.
My sisters and I had a great time giggling together, I got to enjoy all 3 nephews, and my brothers were there too.  Teasing each other, laughing together, good times.  I wish my family would have come, but honestly, it's not really their thing.  Rick doesn't enjoy large groups of people, and teenagers, well, you know.  I have to tell you, it makes your heart swell when next to mom or dad, you're the one little boys want.  My littlest nephew reaching out to be held--it doesn't get any better than that.  And having the other 2 lean on you, snuggle up, ask for help with things, *sigh*.  I miss having little kids, and these little guys pretty much have me wrapped around their little fingers.  I love being an aunt.  To all 3 little boys.  

Luckily today is a pretty quiet day.  Some time for some housework (gag), some laundry, and some yoga.  I still have a sore neck, and I did miss a run on Wednesday.  I think mostly I just needed a B12 shot, I really didn't feel myself or have enough energy for running.  Even yesterday morning, I just couldn't drag my butt out for a run.  I may pay for it tomorrow, it's a long run day at the running clinic.  But I think my B12 has kicked in (hello!  Up at 5:30 for the day for no reason?!  Arden would be proud of me), and I should be fine.

And food journaling, knowing the ND is going to read it.  It's amazing how much that helps you to clean up your diet!  Yesterday wasn't too great foodwise, but the rest of the week has been pretty good.  And yesterday, it was really only the desserts.  I cannot pass up my mom's chocolate cake.  But it has helped me get back on track, and stop just eating too much.  Too much, even of healthy isn't a good thing.

And today is Rick's last day before another week of holidays.  Of course I will be at a workshop for 3 days of it, but he will be a little more relaxed.

Relaxed....isn't that what summer is for?

Wishing everyone a relaxing last few weeks of summer. 

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