Friday, September 2, 2011


I am supposed to be going into school today for some last minute planning/work.  So of course I'm writing a blog post instead of getting ready.

My oldest chicky is heading off to university next week.  She's been working midnights for most of the summer and her only week off has been a big adjustment for her body.  She's finally starting to get back into a normal sleeping routine.  But she just found out her residence won't be ready, she has to stay in a hotel for the first month of school.  Which has caused all kinds of stress.  She is worried about leaving home for the first time.  And her beloved pet rat, Fergus, died last night.  It wasn't a shock, he was old and has been ailing for a while.  But she is so sad.  I know part of her is relieved, she was worrying he would die when she was away at school, and I was caring for him for her.  Which would have been bad.  But this week is difficult enough without a death. 

It's funny because rats elicit the most freaked out reaction from people.  I was once one of those people, I admit.  But they are really fabulous pets.  Very dog-like in personality.  Fergus loved to ride on Jessie's shoulder, and hide in her hair.  He was always excited when she went into her room, and loved hanging out with her.  Did you know, that like a dog, they lick your hands when they are happy?  And they click their teeth when they are contented.  Ferg liked to take treats from your hand.  He had definite people preferences, and Jess was his person of choice.  She will be living in residence for this school year, but is planning on getting an apartment or private room in a house next year.  And I know new pet rats will be the perfect housewarming gift.

Some people are so excited by change.  The changing seasons, the changing weather, life changes.  I have to say, I'm not really one of those people.  I know change is healthy, but my ideal is for everything to stay pretty much the same.  Beach weather would be my ideal.  I like fall weather, cool nights and warmish days, but fall inevitably turns into winter.  Blech. 

I had a weird almost nightmarish dream last night (a reaction to change, I'm sure).  I dreamed that I had a different principal at school, a woman who was very nice.  But I had this HUGE class the first day of school, and more kids kept coming, and coming.  I didn't have enough desks, and these kids were rude and unmanageable.  I was trying to take attendance, and kept being interrupted.  This new principal was in the room with me, because there were about 2x as many kids in the class as there should be with one teacher.  I was confiscating gaming devices, ipods and all manner of things.  I couldn`t see the whole classroom because of a huge column in the middle (it looked my gr. 5 classroom with Mrs. Hill which was an art room).  It was about 10 o`clock and I just couldn`t get attendance done.  It was a bizarre dream.  And it was like I had zero classroom management skills.  It was strange for sure.  Especially since I have already taught most of the kids I`m getting, and the ones I haven`t I already know because our school is very small.  There isn`t a kid from Gr. 1 to 8 that I don`t know.  There will be a few new enrollments, but new kids stick out (poor things) because it`s a small community.  Where this dream came from I don`t know.  And classroom management isn`t really a problem for me, in general.  Absolutely weird.  But at the same time a testament to how much change upsets my applecart.

How are you coping with the change in seasons?  I know a few people who take the changing seasons as a reason to clean their house, digging deep into corners.  Some people like me, are clinging madly to the remnants of summer, and are being dragged (figuratively) kicking and screaming into fall.  On which side of the fence do you find yourself?

Now I must prepare to go into school.  Have a wonderful Friday.

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