Monday, September 5, 2011

Ferguson Run and Labour Day

Early this Labour Day, Rick and I headed to Orangeville to pick up our race kits for the Ferguson Run.  It was pissing down rain.  And frickin' cold.  I was fine with cold, wet to the skin not so much.  But anyway...we picked up our race kits and then hung our in our warm van until it was time for our group picture with our running clinic peeps.  ALOT of our peeps turned out for the race, which was great!  It was nice to be part of a group cheering each other on.  At 10 o'clock the race began, still raining.  About a kilometre in the rain stopped, which was delightful because it finally gave us a chance to get warmed up.  What a great race!!  I did walk over the uneven ground, especially on the wet grass, I was afraid I would turn an ankle and end my day.  But I finished the race running.  It was nice, Norm from Running Free was at the finish line taking our pictures as we crossed, and since Rick finished ahead of me, he was waiting on me too.  Fantastic!  And I was really pleased with my time.  Not like a speed demon, but great for me, and that's all I was counting on.  I can't wait to do it again, only hold the rain next time.  :)

We hung around for the awards, there were some amazing finishing times.  Including the over sixty guy who finished in 19 minutes and change.  Let's just say that he was considerably faster than I!  It was cold, and as soon as the awards were done we headed to Swiss Chalet for some after-race fuel.  Yum.  And also the last of the carbs for a while.  To the Second Cup next door for a nice hot London Fog (Rick had a chai latte).  When we got in the van I took off my soaking runners and socks and let my little tootsies warm up under the fan.  It was nice.

Home again, had a nice hot Epsom salt soak.  In my jammies and considering the things I should be getting ready for tomorrow.  The race was a great way to spend my last day of vacation, but the inertia now is less than ideal.  A little while longer sitting on my butt and then I really need to get ready for tomorrow.  Including making sure everyone has clean socks and unders.  Especially me.  Somehow that ends up being a problem.  Not the best way to start the new beginning of the school year.

I need to get the bunny ready to head back to school, check on the chrysalises (one is almost ready to become a butterfly!) and gather my various things which seem to be strewn all over the house.  Suffice it to say that I may not actually feel ready yet.  But that doesn`t really matter  now, on the eve of day.

How are you spending Labour Day? 


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