Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the fountain of youth

I came across a new-to-me blog today.  A blog post that made me laugh out loud.  The author is a woman in her fifties, and she recounted how her now ex-husband told her about a female colleague whom carried a vibrator in her purse.  And she commented on the absurdity of doing that.  Why???  For "discreet" trips to the washroom?  In the car on the way home?  Here in Ontario you can't talk on your cell phone without bluetooth.  Pretty sure the aforementioned would be breaking the law too.  I gather from the rest of the post that the female colleague and her "device" were the reason for the marital breakdown of the author and her husband.

Anyhow.....I have been pondering the constant race to catch up to the ever elusive fountain of youth.  This woman speaks frankly in her blog (obviously) of her waning desire, related to the hormones of growing older.  As I run my middle-aged butt off, and work so hard to stay young, I wonder why.  Why?!  Aging is inevitable, we all grow older eventually.  In fact, the older we grow, the more lined our face if we are too thin.  No matter how thin or fit, eventually things head south.  You know what I mean.  Things that used to be up high and perky.  Or perkier anyway.

So I ponder, is it really worth the constant desire I have to be thinner, fitter, younger?!  And I come to the conclusion, that yes it is worth it.  We may grow older, but if we are fit, in good health, wrinkles and sagging aside, we are in better over all health.  And those hormones stay a little more balanced.  We elude diseases like cancer, heart disease and other ailments that are related to age and not living a healthy lifestyle.

I will continue to run, do yoga and lift weights (ok, I admit it, start lifting weights again).  I will take my supplements.  I will eat my allergen-free diet.  I don't however believe I will carry a vibrator in my purse.  That seems to be taking it a little far.  I mean really!  Can't you hear it?!  "I think your phone in your purse is vibrating."  "Oh, that's not my phone."  I'm blushing just to think of it.

I apologize if my post is offensive to anyone.  It just struck me as sooooo funny.  I do realize it's a little outside my usual blog topics.  Well, maybe a lot outside my blog topics.  And it will likely be the one and only time the purse contents topic will come up.  At least that kind of purse contents.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  And I took the opportunity to chase the fountain.  Just call me Ponce de Leon.  A beautiful 5k run, and then a nice long Hatha yoga class.  Yoga was just what I needed.  Not a downward dog in sight, but I totally rocked a great goddess and warrior 2.  Just saying. 

Today is a rest day.  No fountain chasing tonight.  Just a basketball tryout for Shimmy.  And I`m glad I ran yesterday.  It`s rainy and not so great for outdoor running tonight.

I`ll let you all check out the blogs I follow to find the post I wrote about.  I think you may find it humourous too. 

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christineo said...

LOL - can you imagine if her reckless driving got her pulled over? How would you explain that?!

Granted, the police have probably seen and heard everything.

Still, not sure how that would make one younger...