Thursday, July 14, 2011

teenagers, accutane and general bumps in the road

It has not been a great couple of weeks.  Teenage growing pains and poor decisions, coupled with disagreement over parental decisions make for some stressful times.  My son, with his father's support, has decided to begin taking Accutane for his severe acne.  I blogged about this before.  I am adamantly opposed to Accutane.  I feel that on top of some of the poor choices he's made lately, Accutane is perhaps the straw that will break the camel's back.  Or cause me to have a nervous breakdown.  I cannot condone taking a medication  that requires signed parental consent.  The possible side effects are horrendous and possibly damaging long-term.  "But the doctor says...."  Does anyone else realize that the studies she quotes are funded by the companies that produces these horrible drugs?  Seriously.  Is it possible that I'm the only adult in this equation who researches studies that are NOT funded by pharmaceutical companies??  And does anyone really believe that I do not have my child's best interest at heart?  I am not amused.  In the least. 

But, I am maintaining my running schedule, and even did an easy run this morning that is optional on the plan.  Yes folks, I am running even when I don't have to.  True story.  To add an additional truth, I think it may well have saved my sleeping husband's life.  The urge to smother him and smash large objects over his head in his slumber were very difficult to quell.  So I went running instead.  I'm considering buying a heavy bag to kick and punch the stuffing out of too.  Shim would really like one, we could both take our aggressive urges out on it.  But then I might spend all of my time in the basement.  Might be safer for everyone involved.

Sorely missing my yoga class.  Still sad it was cancelled for the summer.  Home practice is just not the same.  But I will keep practising at home, even though it's not as fun.  I think my dog laughs at me when I do it, but she deserves a good laugh now and them too!  :)

I just want to say, God bless the parents of teenagers everywhere.  If you are navigating the parenting waters I am currently (haha, get it?  current/water....) then you deserve a medal.  Getting through this shite realtively unscathed is truly miraculous.  And you should get a medal and a large cash prize.  I'd even settle for a nice chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a quiet, clean house.

If you don't have teenagers, but are parenting little ones, God bless you too.  I'm sorry you are exhausted and run ragged by the busy-ness of young children, but please savour it.  You will someday get more sleep, but never again will you be able to control the environment in which your chicklets live.  And having that control and ability to protect them is something to be savoured.

Wishing everyone summer blessings, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer weather.  The sunshine has been truly brightening my day.


cargillwitch said...

thelidemide was promoted activley to prevent morning sickness by doctors all over the world in the early 1960's. " It's safe" they assured women. Something to be learned there and in countless other incidences where profits are put before health. Stick to your guns!
I have survived two getting through the teen years and have three currently in the midest and one on the cusp. Trying times indeed. Having a physical outlet for all the stress makes it possible to survive, glad you have found a few!

Nicole said...

That's the drug I keep thinking about! Sadly, the decision has been taken out of my hands. The road is very bumpy at the moment, and it`s just one more big one to navigate. I know we`ll make it through, but it`s not very fun!

Thanks for your kind words :)