Sunday, July 24, 2011

friendship part 2

Apparently my post yesterday hit a few nerves.  I have been accused of using my blog to intentionally hurt others.  While that was not my intention, I do acknowledge that those that saw themselves in the things I wrote may have been hurt.  I apologize if anyone's feelings were hurt.  But I find it interesting that some people were sure it was specifically aimed at them.  Very interesting.

And I it's also interesting to me how my feelings and desire to be treated with the same care and respect as I treat others could cause so much anger and hurt.  They are my feelings.  Written about generically in my blog.  No names were mentioned.  If one has a clear conscience, then what's the big deal?!  By writing about my hurt I made people angry?  Standing up for myself, even if I never do it directly but only write about it, is not wrong.  But the reactions of others do confirm for me that my feelings are not what they are concerned about.  And that's ok.  But it's also ok for me to not want that kind of friendship.  With anyone--no specific people in mind.  I deserve better than second-best.  I deserve better than leftovers.  And I would tell anyone that they too deserve better than that.  That just boils down to respect.  And every single person on this planet deserves to be respected.

So if I have lost friendships over my last post, for that I am saddened.  But chances are, if those friendships are forever lost, then I would have lost them anyway. 

Enough sad stuff.  I am done crying for the day.  Promise!  There have been way too many tears lately, it's time to move on.

Running update--Rick signed us up for a 5k race!  We have entered into the Ferguson Memorial Run, the weekend of the Orangeville Fall Fair (for anyone who knows where Orangeville is!).  It's very exciting.  I'm nervous, but excited.  I don't expect to run it very fast, but I just want to finish the whole thing running.  My knees are good (knock on wood!), none of the usual injuries are rearing their ugly heads.  Thank you yoga!  And of course my trusty New Balance running shoes :)
I'm also considering entering a women's run in October.  I'm trying to work up the courage to enter the 8k.  I still have awhile to enter, so I think I'll see how the 5k race goes first.  There is a 5k option at the women's run too, so I could just do that.  I'm not sure if Jessie knows it yet, but she will be coming home from uni to take pictures of us crossing the finish line.  I want that memorialized!  I will look all red and sweaty, but I still want a permanent record that I ran that race!  And Rick too.

I haven't written about it, but I spent Thursday and Friday at a fabulous workshop about Monarch butterflies.  It was the hands-down best professional development I've been to in a looong time.  So exciting.  I will be looking for Monarch eggs and caterpillars to rear, once we get lacrosse provincials over with.  They are fascinating creatures, and I can't wait to use them for the entire first term at school.  My mind is awhirl with the possibilities!  And as door prize I won a couple plants to get my monarch garden started.  The garden that I have been planning in my mind for the entire time I've lived in this house.  Now I have all of the information I need.  My little naturalist learners are going to love this year with their naturalist teacher.  I'm all for teaching to the multiple intelligences--and this year the naturalists are going to love it!

Wishing everyone love and gratitude.  Gratitude is sent to all of my friends.


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