Wednesday, July 20, 2011

summer heat

I don't like to complain about the heat, I really don't.  I am not a fan of winter, I can't wait for summer, I dream of it all winter long.  But the heatwave in southern Ontario coupled with hormonal yuckiness, the stress of the course I'm taking, and the stress of parenting/being a wife, have all combined to make me feel like crap.  A headache kind of hovering around my head, general feeling of malaise/discontent/restlessness.  Ick.  A trip to the beach would likely fix most of it, but alas, the beach is not an option.  Appointments for my boys the last couple of days have nixed going to the beach.  And I have to get some work done on the course (I'm almost there, almost done!), and I don't think the beach would be the best place for my laptop, even if I could get internet.  I'm really starting to think that my absolute heels-dug in opposition to central air-conditioning, we can live without it, it's bad for the environment-stance is just misplaced stubborness.  And it may be a small price to pay for some relief, if it means the safety of my family.  (not from the heat, from me when I give into my feelings of hormone induced, irrational rage--ok, not really, but it has crossed my mind)

I'm kicking myself for not getting my butt outta bed and dressed to run when I was up at 5:30 this morning.  Because now it's too hot and there's no frickin' chance that I'm running outside in this heat.  I have no desire to cause myself heatstroke, which is what I fear would happen.  So because I was lazy, now I have to run on the treadmill today.  Although catching up on Season 2 of Glee while I run is actually kind of appealing.  I can pace myself by singing along, instead of talking to myself to make sure I'm not working too hard.  Hmmmm.....things are suddenly looking up.  Of course the kids and critters will need to wear protective earcoverings to muffle my singing....

I am heading to a workshop tomorrow and Friday, about Monarch butterflies.  It's for teachers, and I'm really looking forward to it!  I will get to tag butterflies for their migration to Mexico this fall.  And I will hopefully pretty much have the first couple of months of school planned with butterfly stuff.  Nice!  I am a little concerned about the weather forecast, I hope there's a lot of shade.  My fairest of fair skin cannot handle too much sun, no matter how much sunscreen I slather on.  And a large part of both days is outside.  I'm guessing a hat will definitely be in order.  Dorky or not.

I picked up Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd last week.  My friend Melissa has been doing it, and says she is enjoying it.  Thought I'd give it a try.  Now I just have to actually do it.  Funny how workout dvds don't work unless you actually use them!  I'm thinking that it will be another basement activity, where it's cool enough I won't collapse.  Given that I need to exercise down there, I really need to get on the cleaning up of the man-boy cave.  I have a very difficult focusing when I look around and it's a total disaster.

I think I've procrastinated and whined enough for one day.  Time to get some real work done.  I sincerely hope everyone is ok in this heat.  Please take care, don't get too overheated.  On the plus side, it's perfect for hot yoga (very hot, I'm thinking!)

Namaste friends.

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