Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I love summer!

A little update on summer so far:

Running is going well!  So pleased to be doing so well with my new running program.  I am thrilled that yoga has balanced and corrected some tight areas of my body, and running is soooo much more accessible to me.  It is my goal to be able to run 5 k inhaler-free.  Not there yet, but on the way.  Woohoo!

Received an email from the lovely Sarah cancelling the summer yoga session due to lack of enrollment.  I almost cried, I was so bummed out.  I absolutely love going to yoga, it is my break, my thing that I do on my own without anyone from my family.  I love my family, but it helps keep me sane to have time away.  I know I HAVE to practice at home.  There is nothing stopping me but myself.  Time to break out Shiva Rea and Eoin Surfer-yoga dude dvds and get my asana on.  I`m also going to do some drop-in classes at Buddha Rider.

Started new course, so far, so good.  Very enjoyable, but yet again I am one of the more experienced (that means older!) teachers involved in the course, and while I enjoy the enthusiasm of the youngers teachers, some of their pie in the sky ideas about education can be a little irritating.  I try to be understanding, but sometimes--puleeze!  Let`s be realistic folks!

Rick and I went for a drive to Brampton to the car dealership to have his car looked at, test drove an SUV.  Couldn't make the numbers work.  So we stopped at another dealership to test drive a mini-van, and left having bought a van!  Not thrilled to be driving a van again, eco reasons, etc., but it is going to be sweet not listening to the kids fight about being in the middle of the backseat.  We will no longer look like the clown car at the circus with all of these huge people getting out of a tiny little car.  My over 6 foot son will no longer have his knees up around his ears riding in the backseat.  And the kids are thrilled that they'll be able to invite a friend to come places with us, since we'll have enough room.  I haven't driven a van since Shim was just a little guy, I did kind of think that part of my life was over, but once again I will fit in with the young mommies driving a mini-van :)

Hope everyone is enjoying these blissful, easy days of summer,

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