Thursday, August 30, 2012

happiness is...

A great haircut and the perfectly made Earl Grey Tea latte made with soy milk.  Stylist was sufficiently apologetic, so I deigned to reschedule.  GREAT haircut!  It will look demented when I wake up tomorrow, but it's now manageable and won't look like Carrot-top or Sideshow Bob.  Followed up by a trip to Starbucks, where the perfect soy latte was purchased and consumed whilst listening to Green Day on the way home.

One more day of getting for school and then the long weekend.  Life is good.

1 comment: said...

Don King hair no more? Yee and Haw!!

Hope your hair is holding that fresh-after-salon look ALL holiday weekend! Mine usually lasts for a day..and then it's back to the hell that hair.

You may sister-in-law recently lost about 80 pounds. She was talking clothing one day and said "But like Tina...I've learned that I'm just never really going to have nice hair and I have to accept it."


Umm..thank you?

I know you're still living down the day glo boudoir, but what I do a lot of times is paint while Brad works his 12 hour hospital shifts. He gets home, he's tired and doesn't always notice. When he does, I nod my head and tell him "you like it, don't you?"

Have a great Saturday!!