Friday, August 17, 2012

One of those days...

It's been one of those days.  I feel like Alexander in the book, "Alexander's Very Bad, Horrible Day".  Since the moment I opened my eyes this morning.  Things that have contributed:
1.  Stress about the upcoming school year.  I'm in top stressed form.
2.  Stress about my practicum project and Ministry of Education grant funded project--which are intertwined and getting too big and OMG!  (although did get about $10 000 more funding to expand the project to new school).
3.  Stress over my teenagers.  Need I say more?
4.  Today is my last paycheque for a month because my role has changed and the pay schedule is different.  All will be well, but it means watching what I spend.  And I'm not overly good at that.  (good at all actually)
5.  Had an appointment to FINALLY get my hair cut.  Sat at the salon for half and hour waiting for my stylist (who is very fickle, but I have followed her from salon to salon for YEARS).  I love how she understands my very baby fine yet wacko curly hair.  I am terrified to try to find someone else.  TERRIFIED!  I have hair issues.  Anyway, after driving the half hour into town, waiting half an hour, I get a text from her that she's had something come up and can't do my hair.  Which is absolutely wild.  And I go back to work Monday and need to look like a professional, not like a madwoman who combs her hair with a weedwhacker.
6.  Huffily proceeded to Starbucks to drown my sorrows in a venti Earl Grey latte made with soy, only to be informed they didn't have any soy (AGAIN!), but could make it with milk.  Hello?  People who order soy want frigging soy, not dairy.  I have an allergy! 
7.  Utterly incensed, make my way back to van, and cry in parking lot over hair and tea.  Puhleeeze!
8.  Drive half hour back home with disastrous hair, no tea latte and a bad attitude.  Drink lime Perrier as a substitute and consider killing the bottle of Sauv Blanc in the fridge, only realize will result in wine hangover and another horrid day tomorrow.  And will still have to face hair tomorrow anyway.
9.  Wish I was at Summerfolk, Blue Rodeo or Havelock for the weekend instead of obsessing over tea, hair and work.  Not necessarily in that order.
10.  Am resigned to crappy day, looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.  And desperately trying to find the humour in my day today.


cargillwitch said...

when I have those days( and am not in the office or doing home visits) I take a nap. Somehow I just wake up with a different perspective.
By the way " Alexanders Terrible, Horrible, No Good, very bad day " is one of my all time favourites!

Nicole said...

I realized after posting that I messed up the title of the book.
*sigh* One of those days :)

I'm reluctant to nap, I'm having a difficult time sleeping at night as it is, when I nap then I really can't sleep--no matter what supplements I take!

Autoimmune Girl said...

Hang in there Nicole. I think the change of seasons, especially from summer to fall tends to bring these types of stress. My next post will address some of my own issues with stress and what that has done to my adrenals. Thinking about you!

Nicole said...

Thanks Autoimmune Girl! Things have gotten better :) I really knew they would, just not very patient! said...

I'm so sorry butt un addition to feeling awful for you, you made me LOL!!

Your writing here totally reminded me of Bridget. Jones Diary!!

I have fine hair that is also unruly and often resembles Don King's. Hair. I feel your pain!. I've begun wearing, hats!


Nicole said...

Don King! lol, that's exactly who I'm channeling this a.m.! Luckily my stylist was sufficiently contrite and I have rebooked for this evening. Wasn't it nice of me to forgive her?! Completely selfless on my part of course :) said...

By the first comment was typed on my android phone. Hence the spelling errors. Horror of horrors as I was in spelling bees as a child! Gaw! I don't have the fairy fingers needed for effortless droid typing..

I wasn't kidding about the Don King hair. It's true. It's either flat and lifeless or goes insane. When I cut it shorter, I used to wake up with crazy hair. My hubby once said "Your hair looks like Garth from Waynes World this morning." and at first it was funny. By the fifth time he said it I told him "Garth is really unattractive and has bad hair. If you want to make me cry, keep on keepin on!"

Again, this post was most fabulous! I laughed and laughed! Have a great weekend and I hope your hair ends up looking fabulous!