Sunday, August 26, 2012


The countdown is on.  One week before the kiddos are back in school.  Of course, I've already been back for a week, and what a week that was!  BUSY!  And that's without kids!  The next week is all booked up already too, it's amazing how much stuff goes on behind the scenes in a big school, that no one ever sees.  Even I didn't know just how much.  I do know that without students I was so busy that on a couple days I didn't have time for lunch.  I ate on the run. 

So, eating on the run, while not good for your body, is the way it's going to be.  I literally do not sit down in my office for more than a few minutes at a time, and that's only for making phone calls or interviewing teachers for open jobs.  I need to pack healthy, easy to eat lunches.  Stuff that I can graze on all day.  That kind of leaves leftovers from dinner out.  I have to be intentional about what I pack (and pack it the night before, not as I'm running out the door).  It will be good for me.  But since I also know myself, I am going to stash some little cans of tuna, lentil soup (canned), protein bars and portioned protein/greens powder in my desk drawer.  If I'm caught without enough (or forget my lunch), I'll at least be able to get through the day.  Maybe some applesauce too, and take some fruit/veggies to leave in the fridge for the week too. We'll see.  I know that I eat healthy as long as there are options ready for me.  When there's not....well, it's just too easy to slide into unhealthy choices.

I also need to make my life easier by organizing my closet and getting clothes for the following day out in the evening.  Madly trying to find something to wear in the morning does not get the day off to a smooth start....we all know that.  And given the distance I will be travelling each morning, and the fast pace of the job, I need smooth beginnings to the day.  There's enough that can go wrong once I'm there, I need to be in a calm, rational frame of mind.

I had some nice comments (on the blog and by email) following my last post.  It was just one of those days, and the simple act of writing about it made me feel better.  I was able to see the humour later.  Seriously, who cries over hair and tea?!  Although, given the state of my hair, maybe it wasn't an unreasonable response.... :)  Thank you to everyone who cared enough to comment.  Knowing that others are empathizing and get what you're complaining about makes it all feel better.  As crazy as that is!

Autoimmune Girl commented about the changing seasons causing stress.  Back to school time always causes those in education stress, but she has a very good point.  Changing seasons, changing weather, all of these changes cause stress--when you think of it, what triggers migraines and physical feelings of unwellness?  For me it's changing seasons and weather.  Go figure that I would be having a tough day!  I am still feeling a little out of sorts, but really only when I have time to sit and think about it.  One good reason to be back to work--less time to think obsess about everything.

Weather here in southern Ontario has been beautiful the past week, really hot yesterday and again today.  So I am doing the only thing that a sane person can--I'm heading to the beach.  It might be one of my last beach days.  I always try to get to the beach the last week of August, and I'm not going to mess with tradition.

Enjoy the last countdown week, we'll be waiting for your kids :)

3 comments: said...

I feel like you need to do a few cannonballs to alleviate stress! I think it's what I may need.

I dread the MN winters so fall stresses me out yet I love fall, just not the long winter following it.

I lol at your apricot painted room! Who HASN'T been there? ;)

Have a great week and I recommend peanut butter power bars!

Nicole said...

Cannonballs! Love it :) Planning at least one beach day this weekend. That usually blisses me out for a few days.

Love pb powerbars, but school has several severe nut allergies. Combine that with my allergies and I'm not sure what I can take in the protein bar line...may need to be creative in the kitchen... said...

Forgot about the many allergies in schools! Oops!

Hubby hates the yellow door! but finds it funny too. Photos to come! I think it may be too much....