Sunday, August 5, 2012

on dogs and thunderstorms

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my dog.  Chase the Wonderdog is an 8 year old lab/border collie mix, smart as a whip and the best dog ever.  Hands down.  Fantastic friend, walking partner, great with kids, all  around sweetheart.  In the past six months or so, Chasey has developed a fear phobia of thunderstorms.  Last night in my part of Ontario we had a thunderstorm.  Hours of delightful cuddling with my favourite dog.  If by delightful one imagines panting, drooling, pacing, up on the bed, down on the floor, roaring at the cheeky cat, back up on the bed, on top of me, licking my hands, back on the floor, down the hall to check on the kids (which incidentally gets my daughter's boyfriend's dog who was visiting going), roaring at the cat again and chasing him down the stairs, thundering back up the stairs, back onto the bed and repeat.  Incessantly.  In between the cheeky cat (who worships the dog) gets up one the to "comfort" her, purring at the top of his lungs, rubbing up against her, licking her face, walking the full length of my body several times (it's very important to never walk directly on the mattress).

Either the dog gets valium or I do.  This particular morning I don't care which.  I've given her Bach's Rescue Remedy in the past, but having it sprayed in her mouth freaks her out as much as the storm.  So sedatives it is.  Wonder if the dr. would prescribe them for me so my extended health insurance would pay?  After all, it's ultimately for the benefit of my health...KIDDING!!! 

I am exhausted this morning.  I feel like I used to when I had toddlers that were up off and on half the bloody night.  Like crap.  Chase is curled up napping on the couch, next to me in her regular spot.  How cruel would it be to repeatedly wake her up every time she drifts off to sleep today?  Ok, I won't do that, it looks like we could get more storms, which will take care of her sleeping.

Chasey-dog, you are a lucky, spoiled doggy.  I love you.  And I am going to drug you so we can sleep.

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Thanks for visiting my blog!

Chasey is adorable and I can totally relate to the non-sleeping/thunderstorm hell that it is. Our older dog Daisy is the same. She starts acting weird a good day before a storm which adds to the "fun factor"! It's like she can correctly assess changes in barometric pressure or something.

Have you tried the Thundershirt? It does work! It's like swaddling for a baby, it somehow helps to keep them calm.

I am off to check out more of your blog.

Your sister in the Thunder Fight~

Tina :-)

Nicole said...

Thanks Tina! I had forgotten about the Thundershirt, actually my friend mentioned it to me this morning. It makes sense because it addresses sensory needs, which is calming (sorry my Spec Ed teacher background rears its least I'm throwing around the "scientific terms! :) )