Friday, August 10, 2012


I took some great pictures of Flowerpot Island and Tobermory when hubs and I were there for a 2 night getaway...sans enfants!  But of course, my computer won't read my memory card.  So no pictures for my blog.  :(

Anyway....we went to Tobermory for 2 nights, and had a fabulous time!  We wandered "the Tub" and ate at a few little restaurants, and we took a boat over to Flowerpot Island.  It's an island about 6 km off the mainland, that has naturally occurring "flowerpots" carved out of the limestone by the waves of Georgian Bay.  We hiked the island, visited the lighthouse, the marl bed and sat on the rocky shore watching the water and the waves.  Georgian Bay is good for the soul.  So is Lake Huron.  Heck, any of the Great Lakes!

It was a much needed getaway, the kind that every long marriage needs from time to time.  The kind that we are not good at taking.  Of course, I worried about the kids and whether my house would be standing when we got home (it was) and what kind of drama would unfold in our absence.  I managed to set it aside for the most part.  Little art galleries, touristy shops, outfitters, diving shops and lots of walking around, and down the boardwalk. 

I am never happier than when out on the water, or sitting on the shore contemplating the waves.  I would love to live on the water.  Someday, someday.  It was delightful to spend time alone with my hubs, talking about our plans for the future, the kids, careers...all of the things that couples discuss. 

And we did return home to teenage drama (of course!), but it was soon resolved--as much as teenaged drama can be.  The pets were all alive and in one piece and very glad to see Mom.  It's just not the same when Mom is away!  The house was unscathed (thank you Jess!), and the dishes were even done.

Next getaway planned--fall yurt camping!  For my hubs 44th birthday.  Looking forward to spending more time in nature, this time on Lake Huron, at a provincial park.  And I will get pictures again, and hopefully the computer will read the card :)  I may try my daughter's laptop and see if I have anymore luck with it.  If I can get pics on any computer I will upload them--the beauty of Ontario nature must be shared!

Oh--and on the way home, we stopped by a potter's studio.  We bought a cream and sugar from the same potter not long after we were engaged 21 years ago, which over the years and through 3 kids gradually were broken beyond repair.  This time we bought a set of 3 small dishes, it was so nice to be able to buy something from him again.  His daughter is also a potter, and if she's in studio the next time we head up the peninsula we're going to check her work out too.  If you're ever in Wiarton, go see Don Dubois at his studio--it's a beautiful converted barn, and his work is gorgeous.

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