Friday, September 7, 2012

Week one recap....

If  you are reading this, then I can only surmise that you too have conquered the first week of school.  Let me be the first to congratulate you!  It could only have been the longest week in the history of the world.  For real.

But in that crazy long week, I must say I have discovered something very cool.  I LOVE my new job.  Yes, every day there's a ton of stuff that I have no clue how to do, or what the answer is, and feel like I'm faking it (ok, not totally, I generally have a fairly good clue of what I'm doing).  The best, when the new smartboard was delivered, only I knew nothing about it, the people delivering it were asking me really hard questions (so, what room is this going to?, sign here please...and finally--have you ever used a smartboard?).  I looked and felt like an idiot.  But in my own defence, it was the first day of school.  As often as I don't have a definitive answer, and I'm feeling my way along, I actually do have an answer.  A right answer!

I feel like I never get a chance to sit, yet if I do get a minute there's about a billion emails to answer (billion may be a slight exaggeration.  Maybe million.)  Kids who don't have enough lunch, so we share ours.  Phone calls to answer.  Parents to call back.  Kids who need ice.  Or some "redirection" for behaviour.  Or a teacher who needs something.  And I love it.  I am now convinced that I have really made the right decision.  Yes, I know, bit late to consider that.  But change always makes little niggling doubts in the back of the mind, don't you think?!  And before I get accused of being Pollyanna, yes, I am aware that there will be very difficult days.  Days I just want to get a job at Dairy Queen.  Or McDonalds.  You know, somewhere that doesn't expect me to make decisions that impact others.

And honestly, I miss my old school.  I miss the classroom.  But I still know that I have made a good move.  And I get to visit the old one :)

In other first week news, my youngest has had a great first week in high school.  He's happy.  Of course, that may just be because of the older girls.  And young girls.  Girls.  Should I be alarmed that a grade 11 or 12 Link Crew leader was "grinding on him" at the dance for Grade 9s?!  Believe when I say that I am!  Evil girl of loose morals, I say!  (although, the story may have been slightly exaggerated.  He is a boy after all)

Middle child seems happy enough too.  And pleased to be sought out by the senior volleyball coach to come out for the team.  He managed to get his brother recruited too.  I am baffled by why they love volleyball so much.  Baffled I say!

And tomorrow, I move my girl child back to university.  Apparently she is taking everything she owns from her room.  Or maybe the giant bins of clothing she`s taking are just making it seem that way.  I`m glad her brother and boyfriend are coming to carry the heavy stuff.  Which is just as well, as hip is raging soreness from going up and downstairs a zillion times this week, and running around the halls like a demented woman trying to be 10 places at once.

Which reminds me of how glad I am to have spent a fortune in $$ and time to heal my hip this summer.  NOT!  How could I have concentrated so much to heal the stupid thing, to be in nearly as much pain weeks later?!  I don't care how hot that dr guy is, I'm not happy.  No running, no yoga and clearly after this week, no solution.  Grrrrrrrr!

Enough about me.  How was your first week of school?  I've been thinking about all of my teacher friends and friends with kiddos going back.  And those with kiddos going for the first time.  I'm sure the perspective is vastly different!

A couple glasses of wine later, and it's time for me to climb into my bed.  To not wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning.  Enjoy your weekend friends.


Leenat said...


I'm glad your first week went well. We've survived without you here, even with two indoor recesses already this week. :p I have a primary yard duty this year for the first time in a few years. I forgot how often little guys need help, ice, or reminders. said...

So glad you had a good week and that your new job is a great fit!

I also love your honesty...and how you admit that you didn't have the answers, felt odd and that you drank "a few glasses" of wine! Yayy for you!

I work from home so my school week was odd in that...the neighborhood was eerily quiet. I actually felt sort of bummed out on the first day of school due to the lack of giggles and happy screams I became accustomed to over the summer. Damn!

Sorry about your hip..Brad's is being surgically repaired on Monday the 17th. Last year it was the right one, this year, the left. Sigh..bleh! I just feel badly for him and his stupid stepdad had this to say the other day "I think it's because when you and Tina moved into that house you built that deck..and you just move around too much." Yep. That must be it. We all know a very sedentary lifestyle is the way to go. Live and learn!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

Nicole said...

Thank you both!

As for the frustrating! I think it might be time to go get an MRI. I don't like being sedentary, but it's forcing me to be.

And honesty...yep, I`m pretty good at that! lol said...

Thanks for the pumpkin idea!

Works for little dog, older dog will NOT go near it. Good times!

I have yet to have an alcoholic cider drink but I WILL and I'm glad I have found a soul sister in my purple madness! I've actually been looking around the house wondering "Should I just paint something over in a purple? Brad will learn to love it!"


Hope your Monday was as fine as can be!

T :-)

Autoimmune Girl said...

What a great post, thanks for sharing. So sorry about your hip.

Hope you can join me for the first BUBL Conference call on Sep 25th. Details are on my blog.

Take care,
Autoimmune Girl