Saturday, September 22, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly

First the good.  Blood tests indicate that chelation was working and antibodies are decreasing.  Very good!  So will be continuing with more cycles of chelation.  And after a lecture from my ND, will be going for IV treatments every other Friday morning before work.  Apparently it's very important while undergoing chelation.  Umm, I skipped that little part when reading my protocol.  She was not amused.  But this is exciting news!!!  In other good news, still melanoma free.  Very good news indeed.  Although nothing as humbling as the head to toe skin inspection--mortifying.

The bad--hip not good, still getting therapy, may never be better--or so it feels.  Also bad--in a series of disastrous small mistakes, had the scariest day of my professional life this week.  It all ended well, but not without panic and police and fire dept involvement.  The worst part?  Had ONE specific person done what we asked of her, the entire situation could have been resolved in about 5 minutes instead of 30.  It was a glass of wine night that night!

The ugly--huge bruises on my arm from the last IV/bloodwork 1 & 1/2 weeks ago.  One is particularly nasty looking, and looks like somebody tried to beat me up.  Not so, just a little bleeding under the skin.  Which will hopefully disappear soon.  Amusing watching people at work try to work up the courage to ask what happened to me (I may have a rather sinister sense of humour).  And actually really ugly hair today.  But that's ok.

It was quite a week, I must say.  Rewarded myself with comfy shoes for work--buy one get one 1/2 off Clark's at Shoeper in Orangeville.  Hopefully very sore hip and sore knees will feel better from wearing frumpy, yet comfy shoes to run up and downstairs the million times a week on ceramic tile floor at school.  It's always a bit of a comeuppance when you realize that you must wear shoes that aren't even snazzy enough for your mother....*sigh*  Frumpy shoes match today's ugly hair.  Actually kind of Queen Elizabeth looking shoes.  HOT! 

The past week kicked my a$$, but I still love my job and life is good.  First day of fall has brought rather bizarre weather to southern Ontario (Mother Nature is acting like she's in the throes of menopause--without the benefit of progesterone assistance!).  If the weather would cooperate, I would love to go on a long walk.  But since it's rather uncertain, I may just settle for having a bath and reading instead.

PS--a few minutes after posting (when the sun was shining!), thought I heard rain on the deck--nope, HAIL!  Or some sleety kind of precipitation.  She definitely needs some bio-identical hormone therapy!

2 comments: said...

Let me just say...

I have begun wearing comfy shoes (new tennis shoes, to be specific that are easier for dog walking) and while my body feels great and weird side that is vain, I freaked out! The shoes look cute with a longish yoga pant.

Two days ago I wore them with jeans.


Do you hear the scream? NO! I felt like Jerry Seinfeld back in the late 80's. A horrible look on a woman who is 5'4" tall. I'm all for comfy boots and knits..but that look for me is where the line has been DRAWN.

Glad you're doing well & that your job is fabulous. Sorry about all of the tests and IV's. I bruise easily so I can only imagine how I might look if in your situation. I once came home bruised from a massage. Not kidding.

Did you have the DON KING hair? Mine looks terrible today. I washed it before bed and woke the Minnesota Don King! Nothing can be done. I have given up for the day and am wearing fall hats.

Hope your evening is wonderful! said...

Ahhh..your most recent comment made me snort and LOL- emphasis on the OL!

I cut my hair a few years ago, just near the ear. Loved it at first, then hated it. For whatever reason, at that particular length it just looked CRAZY in the mornings. Like overly coiffed, messy and big. Brad would regularly giggle at me and say "Your hair looks like Garth's from Wayne's World!"

It was funny until one day I was very hormonal and burst into tears and said "Garth is ugly! What are you saying?"

Needless to say, he refuses to joke about it to this day!

Your Happy Bday Morning "Look" had me giggling and I thank you!

I went outside in my yoga pants, bathrobe and huge boots yesterday to untangle the puppy from the tree where he steals berries.

Yep, it's a slippery slope and I've become "that lady"!

And you were correct..a pumpkin latte was not enough to cure all that ailed I had two glasses of wine and woke up with a headache.

It was worth it!

Happy Friday!