Sunday, September 30, 2012

fall camping

This was home for the past 2 days.  MacGregor Point Provincial Park.  Let me say that this is camping at its best.  Propane fireplace, hardwood floors, bunkbeds (the kind with a double bed on the bottom and single on top).  Covered shelter with bbq and picnic table.  Lights and hydro (that means electricity, for non-Ontarians) inside the yurt.  Not exactly roughing it, but perfect for a fall camping trip for 2.  Perfect because we literally packed clothes, our lawn chairs, reading lamp and books and sleeping bags and pillows.  Didn't bother packing food, because we are realists.  I'm not much of a cook at the best of times.  Plus, with the week of insanity that just wrapped up, we were totally unprepared for our camping trip.  C'est la vie.  And Union Burger for supper suits me just fine!  Kids stayed home (thanks to the oldest coming home from university to ensure there were no wild high school parties and that our house would be intact when we got home!).  It was a beautiful weekend!  Sunny and fairly warm (although I dressed as though we were on an Arctic expedition...cold all the time).  Went on a nice long trail walk, then vegged out and read.  I curled up on the bed to read, and woke up a couple of hours later.  I love naps!

After returning from Union Burger (town is only a few minutes away) we lit a campfire and sat by the fire until long after dark, chatting and enjoying the brightness of the full moon.  We didn't even need our flashlight on the way to the "comfort station", but were able to see quite clearly by the light of the moon.  Beautiful.

The best part of the weekend?  Spending quality time with my hubs, resting and feeling ready for the week ahead.  Spending wifi free time is absolutely necessary every now and then.  When I'm at home, I always feel obligated to spend part of the weekend working, catching up on emails, doing all of the little stuff I never get finished up at school.

Of course, we picked the weekend of "Pumpkinfest" in Port Elgin.  We chose the weekend about 6 weeks ago, not realizing that the town would be a beehive of activity.  I know I'm going to be asked if we enjoyed the festival, and yes I did.  Because we avoided it like you would catch the plague there.  Crowds of people looking at antique cars and a midway (not much to do with gourds, right?!) are not my idea of a good time.  Making fun of old dudes reliving their youth by way of their historic ride though?  Totally my thing.  I believe there is a rule somewhere that states that regardless of temperature and weather, drivers of old cars must drive with the windows down, elbow resting on the door, hair slicked back and wearing a tacky windbreaker jacket.  Not much wonder my dad sold his vintage car.  No way he would fit in with that crowd.  Windbreakers and slicked back hair are not his style.  And my mom wouldn't want the windows down.

Of course, once home I caught up my work emails, and got some stuff ready for the week ahead.  And cuddled with my dog and cat, who clearly missed me.

Next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving.  The real reason we need pumpkins.  I have to figure out a gluten-free pumpkin pie.  And gluten-free stuffing.  I know what I'll be pinning this week (provided I have time!).

Camping and rocking Don King hair and yoga pants?  2 of my favourite things.  It was a great weekend :)

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