Saturday, October 15, 2011

free time??

I have awoken to a strangely unusual day.  I am alone in my house!  For hours I will be alone.  I can't believe it's actually happening!  Jess stayed at school, Jackson has gone to work, and Rick and Seamus have headed to my parents to split and pile wood.  And I am at home.  Just me and the critters.  And my course is locked for the weekend and I can't access the looming progress reports.  What am I going to do???

Well....I've already wasted time watching Will & Grace reruns, and cruising blogs.  Mostly blogs about happy homemakers with beautifully decorated homes.  Which kind of make me gag a little.  I love crafting and decorating, but I simply do not have the time that I did when I was a SAHM.  And the blogs I'm reading are those of SAHMs or those that work part-time (often from home).  But they are fun to read and get inspiration, if I ever get the time. 

I've started rereading The Hormone Diet.  I need to clean up my diet (I'm always saying that, I know).  I've not been exactly doing what is best for my allergies or my hormones.  Time to get it together! I do not want to end up getting sick because I'm eating sugar.  And it's unfortunately that time of year.  I've added a couple more supplements, and it just doesn't make sense to spend a fortune on supplements, spend hours running and going to yoga, only to eat food that doesn't benefit me.

So today, I am planning to do the neverending pile of laundry, make me-friendly soups for lunches, clean up the basement so I can stand to run down there (it's disgusting and I don't like running outside in cold and wet, I need to use the treadmill), and maybe do some yoga.  I would also like to preview the boot-camp dvd I bought in the summer--I need to kick fitness up a notch.  How about that?  A whole to-do list that doesn't have either coursework or schoolwork on it!  It feels like luxury!

And maybe I'll get the Toronto Star when I'm at the store.  And read it in absolute peace.

If I'm going to accomplish my non-academic to-do, I'd better get going.  I have a pile of supplements to take, and a basement to tidy.

Have a wonderful rainy Saturday.  And if you're running the Scotiabank marathon today, I'm sending good thoughts and positive energy today.  But you won't know that, because you're running in the rain, not reading my blog.  But I'll do it anyway.

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