Saturday, October 22, 2011

finding time

I have a confession.  I only ran one day this week.  And I only did yoga one day this week.  I'm trying to be ok with it, it's definitely more challenging when Rick is on afternoons.  I am feeling overwhelmed with the course I'm taking (worth it, but it's alot on top of school), and the progress reports I need to start writing for school.  Both boys were very busy with sports this week.  It doesn't leave much time. 

I'm very grateful to my hubs for leaving suppers in the fridge for us.  It makes my life easier, just coming home, grabbing supper and leaving the house again.  But I'm still feeling the time crunch.  I've come to the conclusion that there really is no choice on some days, but to get up earlier and run or do yoga, or lift weights before I get ready for school.

I know that this is the solution.  However, I am finding it difficult to motivate myself to do it.  Staying in my warm, cozy bed with a kitty curled up against me is so inviting on these cold mornings.  Why would I want to crawl out of coziness into the coolness of early morning?

Because if I want to be fit and get any exercise, that`s just how it`s got to be.  There aren`t enough hours in the day, so I need to create some more.  45 minutes earlier is not going to kill me.  I know it will actually make my days smoother, relieve the stress and make me a happier person.

As we move into cooler, darker fall days, I have to say I`m feeling the effects of not enough sunshine already.  Vitamin D drops may help, but it`s not the same as actual sunshine.  I am looking forward to going to the south at Christmas to get some sunshine.  Already, yet I know that is not the total solution.  Maybe I should move somewhere where the weather is like what southern Ontario experienced on Thanksgiving weekend.  That was perfect.  It`s amazing how we humans are so impacted by the light, or lack thereof.  If sunbeds didn`t cause melanoma I think I`d consider it--I`m like an addict craving a high!

I`m sure the waning sunshine is part of why I`m struggling with diet right now.  I`m craving carbohydrates like crazy.  The thought of donuts and cookies and cakes sets my heart aflutter.  All the stuff that my body doesn`t do well with--if I give in, I pay up.  It impacts my whole system, my hormones, everything.  Obviously all is not well internally.  Waning serotonin?  Is my brain craving carbs to help to replace serotonin?  Quite likely.  It would be the appropriate physiological response.  So a little research into how to avert the cravings, and yet still not crash.  Did I mention I'm rereading "The Hormone Diet"?

How are you dealing with the changing weather?  Anyone feeling the same cravings and lethargy?  Anyone wishing for sunshine?

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